Monday, February 17, 2014

Almond Butter

Paleo=no peanut butter... this was a very sad reality for me! We are a family that was consuming a minimum of 3-4 jars of peanut butter a week! (more when I baked with it)

We used peanut butter for everything! Now, we are using almond butter. As you probably know, almonds cost a LOT more than peanuts! I always choose Organic...always...but I cannot afford to buy organic almond butter! ($20+ for 16oz) Whereas organic peanut butter was $4-8/jar. This was a big deal for me, having to say no to organic. The only other thing I buy non-organic is Brussel Sprouts, we eat far too many for us to buy organic! ($7 organic vs $2 non-organic-and they are one of the foods that is pretty "clean")

So, I had to buy normal Almond butter-which is still super expensive. Needless to say, we are not using near as much as we did when we ate peanut butter!

Disclaimer: I did not getting paid to give my opinion on these products, I also did not get them for free. I purchased these items on my own and I simply hate to see people waste their money on something I already bought if it isn't that great!

So far, I have tried 2 different almond butters. I am sure I will try many more, but here are the 2 I have tried.

East Wind- I wanted to love this stuff, but I don't! They are non-GMO, a small company...and I just really wanted to like them. For over $8/jar...I could've just licked some cardboard. It is horrible...just horrible. It isn't smooth (though it says smooth) and the flavor is just bad. I like almonds, this does not taste like almonds.
I have to note: I made a smoothie this morning with carrot juice, greens, banana and East Wind almond butter-and it was amazing! It did not have the weird taste at all! It will not go to waste, as I am sure baking with it or blending it into smoothies makes it taste much better!

Vitacost- Vitacost Whole Food All Natural Raw Smooth & Unsalted Almond Butter. They are non-gmo verified. I am still not sure if I LOVE almond butter yet, I think I could learn to love it-it just might take time. This brand is WAY better. It tastes more like almonds, and is a lot smoother.

So, of the two-I choose Vitacost!

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