Monday, February 3, 2014

Awesome Weekend!!

Here is the link for the new YouTube video I did... last week

This weekend was great! The weather was ok for winter, and we got outside! It was so nice to see sunshine! Nathan, his dad, and our neighbor cut down a couple of trees that were dead. We were about out of fire wood (scary thought!), but it was easily remedied with a  couple of dead trees.

I pulled Torrin down the driveway and all around on a sled, and he LOVED it!

We got to have a couple of rides on the 4-wheeler. It was just nice to be outside!

All of the kids were a bit grumpy at the days end, too much fresh air will do that to you! Little ones fought sleep, and eventually passed out.

Sunday, we started making a bigger mess out of my bedroom.

We decided we will not try to save the basement, but rather fill it in. (the wall is caving isn't too bad right now, but the original plan was to put real steps into the basement, try to seal it and make use of it for cold food storage. Now, we are leaning towards filling it in and building a cellar outside...hard decision for sure! Nathan talked to the neighbor, who had originally owned our home, and he agreed it best to fill in the basement, that it has always been a problem and would cost more to keep it than to eliminate it...)

Good thing nobody in this house if fat, because my door way to my room is small! We still need to put in the "new door" on the other side of the room, but have to build the new wall first, then move the bed over against the wall...then in with the door. It feels a bit backwards, and probably is, but it is best in the long run for us!

My bedroom is currently 16x16-way too big to keep organized. So, we are taking it down to about 12x16, putting my big headboard centered on the new wall, and adding a pantry that you access from the house part. It is a huge change! Normal people don't want smaller bedrooms, I am not normal!

I love built-ins, I hate furniture! We are building a wardrobe on each side of my headboard when the wall is finished! It is going to be quite nice!!

Here are a few pictures of what we did:
There was a small closet (right side of picture) We took it out months ago. Hubby removed lovely "chair rail" paneling, and got to work! There is a tiny window (ONE...ONLY ONE) up above that I will be happy to have hidden from my bedroom! It will be in our new "attic" storage up above! We have a vaulted ceiling, makes building a bit difficult, but it is coming together. Also, notice the beams...we cannot remove them-they are so ugly...
It is quite a mess. The old wiring will be redone, and control the pantry electric. This pic just shows about how wide the new pantry will be. OH-the "ladder" will be coming out, that is the old access to the basement. Straight down!

 This is the entrance to my bedroom...Luckily, we all fit! This door way is going to be covered when we redo the living room. The other side of my living room will be our new master bedroom entrance!
Daddy's little helper!
So, my bedroom as you can see, is a bit of a disaster. BUT it is coming together. I am a dreamer, (luckily) and I married a dreamer. I am not sure we could've been truly happy in a house that was "ready to go", though a house that needed a little less work would have been great! We did however, choose to purchase a home that would not have us paying out the butt for the rest of our lives! (which means more hard work!)

We are dreamers, we dream of having this place financed through a bank next summer (we are on land contract), and paid off within the next 6-8 years.
We dream of having our own honey bees and tapping trees for gallons and gallons of real maple syrup.
We dream of planting lots of fruit trees and picking for years and years.
We dream of providing enough fresh organic food for ourselves that we no longer need to worry if there is enough money in the food budget for a bunch of bananas.
We dream of our kids splashing in the pond, and carrying their baby chicks to sit under their apple trees to read a good book...we dream a lot.
I know I get off topic often, I know I am a bit random. I really think it is because I am pushing 30 now, and still have so many life skills I want to learn!
I love being independent, I love doing my own thing...unfortunately, I do not have many teachers, and often trying to learn new things alone is a bit intimidating...
So for me, I dream of the day where my husband does not have to leave every day to go work a job he doesn't love...where he can stay home and work in the garden alongside his wife and children. Where we can go fishing, or hiking together.
The day, where he can do side work that makes him feel good about who he is as a person.
The day, where I feel like our idea of "perfect" becomes reality.
I don't need millions, I don't even need luxury...I need my family together, living more peacefully alongside nature. I need to be able to put healthy food in all of our bellies, and see my kids being kids. I need more time outside!
This weekend-I also learned how to arm knit-one of those things I saw and HAD to learn right then and there. It was a success, and kind of fun. Though, attempting while toddler is awake is a are essentially tying your arms together!

 Ignore the mess, Torrin was "packing a suitcase" for what...I don't know! Like I said, we are is a mess!

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