Monday, February 17, 2014

chocolate covered bananas

If you have read anything I post-you know we have an obsession with bananas!

(Last Saturday-just over a week ago today- I purchased 33#s of bananas-I have a 1# container from my spinach full of frozen bananas and we ate the rest!)

When I was pregnant with Torrin, I ate a LOT of ice LOTS, giving it up when we went dairy free was HARD! I quickly learned that bananas can replace ice cream! (I know I have written about frozen bananas with peanut butter-I no longer eat peanut butter...but you get the point)

Yesterday-I decided to take out 3 of the frozen bananas and cut them into bite sized pieces. I melted some of my favorite dark chocolate.

They sell this at vitacost and Wal-Mart ( Wal-Mart is a bit cheaper, but you have to drive there!)

I just melted the chocolate (about 6 squares) with a big teaspoonful of coconut oil and put it on the bananas. I started out dipping 1 at a time, and all of my bananas were unthawing...SOOO I decided to dump the mixture OVER the bananas! Stick it in the freezer and it was ready to eat as a yummy after dinner snack!

Zariah did manage to grab a few right away-the chocolate hardens up like a magic shell topping (haven't had that since I was a kid!) and it had a yummy tropical taste!!

Not very pretty, but who cares! They don't last long enough to look at them!
I will say-the smaller the better-half bites would have been good!
Sensitive teeth...burrrrr

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