Monday, February 24, 2014

Friday...Saturday...Sunday...LET MONDAY COME!!

Friday, the UPS truck stopped at the end of my driveway... The driver walked up (slippery driveway) with 1 box...not a big box... He left.

This is not what I was waiting for...inside was printer toner...and the flex mats for my new dehydrator...ummm Where is my dehydrator??

About 1/2 hour later, I hear the UPS truck again. He manages up the driveway this time, and hops out with a BIG box! I was so excited!! The driver didn't realize I had more than 1 package...he is forgiven of course! He was just happy he didn't have to walk up again! (my dogs are very friendly, and they almost trip him with every step he takes, imagine walking up a slippery driveway!)
The first thing Zariah says is "What is that?" I tell her it is the dehydrator...she immediately replies with "Well, when will the vitamix be here then!?" (She is not as thrilled about the dehydrator...)

Now that it is all set up...what do I put in it???
Saturday- we went "car shopping"...and ended up buying a new Refrigerator! That was not planned ... We found one at Sears that had a list price of $2700 and they had it marked WAAAAY down because it was overstock from a store that had closed. It should be here Thursday!
To think, I walked into Sears to buy a $10 item just to keep my Sears store card open...
we are trying to keep our credit open and active to make the final purchase of our home easier. It is known that if you do not use a store card for more than 2 years-it becomes inactive and closes...Not a good idea to let that happen when trying to get a home loan. Remember: we bought our house on Land is "ours" to fix up and live in...but we have to pay out a balloon payment at the end of 3 years (about 15 months from now!)
Luckily for us, Sears offers 12 months interest free financing as well!
We did not end up with a car. I still am not sure I want to get rid of my excursion. I love my truck...I just can't afford to drive the damn thing! Maintenance on a diesel is crazy! I love the room and the safety of my truck...I am torn. I am super worried that if I trade it off on something without third row...that will be when I end up pregnant!
Sunday- My husband and Neighbor wired our "pantry". They kept pretty busy for the good part of the day. I am not sure if Nathan is more confused...or if he learned something! He will begin putting up drywall this week I believe! Nathan framed up new doorway to the pantry to keep Torrin from hurting himself and playing with insulation. It is sort of coming together now!
I made some yummy treats-coconut and chocolate...sort of resemble Mounds Candy bars.
I was off to bed at 8:30 as I had an upset belly, sharp pains...I sure hope bugs are not making their way round my home again!
Today is Monday-we are waiting on my new Vitamix!! I keep wondering what I should fix in it first! I am thinking it would be fun to make all of our meals in it today...but that depends on when it shows up! I do think I am going to get some nuts soaking so that I can dehydrate them tomorrow. I am also thinking I would like to get some fruit to make fruit leathers. We are starting to get low on our groceries. I have had to buy bananas several times now. Paying 1.29/# hurts when I had gotten so many for 0.67/# at Costco! I am hoping to get to Costco again in the next 2 weeks. I just cannot spend as much on food as I had last time. I need to check over my list of prices and see what we need. I will not be buying frozen asparagus again (YUCK! Asparagus is to be fresh-and made on a grill..NOT frozen and made in an oven...YUCK YUCK YUCK!) I will not need Quinoa again, but will need way more berries and fish!

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