Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to boil PERFECT hard boiled eggs!

So, as sad as it is to admit...I have never mastered hard boiled eggs-UNTIL NOW! I was on Pinterest and saw so many "how to" posts, I tried several...and failed! Some eggs would crack, some eggs were no where near ready to eat! Others, you couldn't peel without losing the whole egg white. I want my hardboiled eggs to peel nicely, with little waste. Just because we have an abundance of eggs doesn't mean I want them going to waste!

I learned that if you take a thumb tack, and poke it carefully through the FAT end of the egg, it helps keep it from cracking! It is kind of neat to see actually, as some of the egg white will come out a bit in the water.
Poke the bigger of the ends-not the narrow end.

Wait until the water is at a full boil, then carefully spoon each egg in-single layer them to avoid cracking as well.

Spoon in one at a time...

Then set a timer
It only needs to be timed for 5 minutes, then you get to walk away.
After your 5 minute timer goes off, put a lid on the pot. Leave it on the burner and TURN OFF the burner. Walk away...
See the "flower" on top? It is some escaped egg white-none of my eggs cracked!

I usually get to my eggs about an hour later-they are too hot to mess with before that. You don't want to let them sit out for more than 3 hours because if the water gets too cool and they sit-bacteria can grow and you will have to pitch them. My water usually stays pretty darn hot for some time-so letting them sit for a good hour is about perfect. If I am in a hurry, after about 20 minutes I can drain the water-or pick out one egg to "test" to make sure it is boiled through.

 Generally, people say older eggs peel better-it may or may not be true. We rarely have OLD eggs as we find all sorts of ways to use them up. I often boil eggs the day we get them from the barn.
Notice the yolk is not green-green tastes bad and means the egg was overcooked. This egg only sat in the water for about 20 minutes because I wanted to take a picture right away! Most of my eggs cut open a little "cleaner" than this one did-I think the extra time in the hot water helps.

I am sure this isn't fool proof-not that any of you are fools...but this method works better for me than how I was taught growing up. (to put eggs in cold water-bring to a boil and remove 10 minutes or more later-when the egg came out "dry" on a spoon...??)

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