Thursday, February 20, 2014


So, as most people is tax season. (YAY...??) (that reminds me, I need to send the other half of my property tax bill!)
My husband has not quite lowered his contributions to where we are not overpaying, he is too scared of having to pay in.We are in the tax bracket where we get some cash back to pay things or make improvements. I took care of our "bills" and had REALLY hoped to make some improvements or sock some money aside...but there are a couple of things that I am convinced are of total necessity...ready??

Please note: I was not one of those lucky few to receive anything FREE in exchange for this posting...I spent my hubby's hard earned cash to make these purchases. If at any point I am offered a product to talk to you about, I will let ya know! I hope to review all items I purchase or receive for you so that you can make a well informed decision before spending your hard earned cash as well! With that said, I did borrow the pictures below from and

I ordered a Vitamix!!
Now, it is NOT the Pro 750...I really want that one, but seriously, have you checked out the price? The main reason I wanted it was that it is short and fat...maybe easier to clean? I instead got the Vitamix 5200 from Costco. I spent less than $500 and I get the dry (nut/grains) container too! I would have easily spent over $700 to get the other Vitamix with nut blade/container!

The nice thing about ordering from Costco, I have a membership, so I will be going there every 4-6 weeks. If ANYTHING goes wrong with it-all the reviews say Vitamix is great to deal with, not to mention Costco has a GREAT return policy!

This thing has a 7 year warranty!
Ever notice how all of the cheapo blenders have 90 days to 1 year warranty?? There is a reason!! I am getting rid of my ninja!! I HATE THAT THING, it is a health hazard! I swear, you cannot get the damn thing clean! (I will put a pic on here when I get a chance-it is NASTY!

From the Costco website:
64-oz. Wet Blade Container, 32-oz. Dry Blade Container, Getting Started Guide, Cooking Class on DVD, Whole Food Recipe Cookbook, Whole Grains Cookbook.
I PROMISE to show you how it works! I will do a video (or 2 or 3...guess it depends on how I like it) and keep you posted on if it is worth making the purchase! I cannot wait for it to arrive...
I have another announcement...
My cheapo nesco Dehydrator is for sale! I paid $34 for it at Menards-I will sell it for $10 if you can pick it up!
I don't need it any longer because...
I have no idea HOW to go about picking a GOOD dehydrator, but I hope this is the one! Amazon had/has them marked down over 30% off!
I got the 3926TW 9 (9 trays...this baby is BIG!)
It seems to be one of the bigger ones-running at 600 watts, and it has a 26 hour timer! I couldn't believe the price!!  $235 shipped to my door, I really don't think you can beat that price!
The price alone is a steal-but did you know...
It has a 10 year warranty!!
It is made in the USA!!!
Just like the Vitamix, I plan to let you know how it works!
This was a hard purchase for me! We are trying to make better choices every day. We want to eat healthy, but we also want to be more in tune with nature and eco friendly. This baby uses quite a bit of juice...and I toyed with the idea of a solar dehydrator-but I know this thing is user friendly (I can use it without the hubs) and I know we will put up way more food this way. Getting around to building a solar dehydrator might not happen with how many other boxes there are on my TO DO LIST.
We have plans of putting in a smokehouse, and that would be great for making jerky and drying meats-but not so great for fruit leathers, dried fruits and nuts!
So, there is my splurge! I had hoped to get the kids something BIG-like a tube slide or a microscope...but I have to remind myself that proper nutrition is important! I am doing this more for my children than myself! I am not sure I would even care about organic healthy foods if not for my little monsters!

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