Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New TOYS...dreaming of a simpler future!

You are about to get a REAL look into my home. It is not pretty-it is REAL. We are able to feed our kids organic, healthy foods, as well as have only one income by doing a lot of "remodeling" ourselves. It also means I am not living in a 200K$$ luxury home. We are REAL people with real problems...I am excited about my new "toys" please respect that we put a lot of thought into these purchases before making them. (though the cost of said items very well could have provided us with a "finished" dining room.

Well, the things that make you excited as an adult are far from what kids consider fun! (though the kids do love the new appliances too!)

I am happy to have my new Vitamix, Excalibur, and Refrigerator!

I have used the Vitamix at least twice a day since it showed up Monday!!

My dehydrator is running right now-full of nuts, half an orange, and our first attempt at fruit leather. It is FULL.

The new Fridge is a bit nicer than my showed up yesterday! My oven is black...and my dishwasher is a bit of everything going on now! (the oven is planned to be replaced with a wood burning cook stove in the next 3 years! the dishwasher will be removed when we remodel the kitchen!)
 It is a bit of a disaster at the moment! We are remodeling (look behind the blue kitchen set-that is the entry to my new pantry) Look on TOP of the kitchen set-that is all the kids "learning" games and books that Torrin isn't allowed to touch. Man, I need this "pantry" done so I have adequate storage! Don't you love seeing several types of wall covering in one area??!
This is the old fridge-I had to move it out of the way to make room for the new one.
(that potty was given to me by my mom...torrin likes to put his toys in it now...)
whole lot of ugly going day-I tell myself ONE DAY this ugly kitchen will be pretty. Right now, we make sacrifices in the "beauty" of our home, to enjoy the beauty of our children! I would rather live in a home I can afford-that is way less than perfect-and have the money to feed my kids healthy, organic WHOLE foods!

^^Real beauty!!^^
Now, if only the cold weather would break so we could start our new journey into Maple Syrup! Nathan went all out and ordered metal buckets and more supplies! I feel the need to remind him daily that he has a full time job...and that syrup is going to be a job in itself! I cannot wait to learn alongside my husband and kids!! Syrup is our "dream" for our future. Not only is syrup our go-to sweetener, but it is very expensive. We are hoping to save money by making our own...and one day having enough to supplement our income so we can live the simpler life we strive for!

Boiling "pot" this thing is huge!

We really do look forward to Nathan spending less time at a desk job, and more time home, with us...teaching our kids how to do things like harvest sap into syrup!

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