Sunday, February 9, 2014

Organic shopping at Costco, Aldi's, and the Co-Op

Yesterday, (Saturday) we headed out for over an hours drive to get to the closest Costco. I found a deal online, where the membership was 10% off (deduced from $55 to $49.50) plus, you are given a $20 gift certificate in store. When we got to the store, they promptly handed me my gift card, bringing my membership down to $29.50, and I am to get a booklet in the mail for free stuff (making the membership essentially free). We had planned on going to Costco even without the deals on the membership, we were in desperate need of groceries!

I am going to list the ORGANIC Items we purchased. Now, I have to say, this Costco has a LOT of organic items that we did NOT purchase. My purchases were organic and paleo. I was not purchasing organic cereal, milk, cheese, butter or any of that stuff. They do have a ton of that organic stuff-so check them out!!

I had a list of things I did not purchase, in a tiny notebook...I lost the damn notebook between Costco and my truck! I had all sorts of stuff written down, I will add to this next time I go in.

HERE is a link to my list, make sure to view it in TWO page, not Film Strip. I tried to embed it into this blog and couldn't figure it out...sorry

Of everything we purchased, my favorite items were the turtle safe tuna and the lemon juice. Zariah and I had a whole conversation about turtle safe tuna. She knew exactly what it was, she knew it meant they were not caught in a net. I also like that there is no soy in it, just tuna! The lemon juice...we love lemon tea, but lemons dont keep long and afre expensive. This lemon juice has about 40 organic lemons in each bottle! No additives, just lemons!  The kids feel like they are getting a treat each time I make it!

UPDATE: Monday, February 10th
I have tried to update this several times and it keeps locking up...let me try again.
It seems in the midst of dinner prep last night, I forgot to finish this posting. We only covered Costco shopping it seems.
Nathan found my little notebook in the box of bananas (Yes, BOX-33lbs worth of bananas!) I will post what is in it at the end of this.

Dinner last night:
Naked venison burgers in the oven (venison and onion) with Paleo Ketchup - this did not turn out as well as I'd hoped. I am not sure if it is because I used REAL acv with the mother, or if the recipe is just not perfected...either way, it tasted fine, but was too strong of an acv taste. We also topped our burgers with avocado-it was GOOD!
Sides included brussel sprouts with garlic and evoo and coleslaw. The coleslaw is a recipe I have made before, and it had turned out awesome. This batch (like the ketchup) was strong acv tasting...

Breakfast this morning:
smoothies- carrot juice, mixed berries, banana, ice cubes, flaxseed milled (now, it seems some people are very against flaxseed mill, I plan on using up what I have and then not buying it next time-we will see how we feel with and without it. I am learning as I go, and we do not really supplement at all, I want to make sure we are getting enough fats and vitamins from our food-when I bought the flax, I assumed as a seed that it was GOOD-I will read more and decide)
boiled egg
gummies (kids) (gelatin and cherries)
Apple and Banana w/ almond butter

Lunch today was leftovers and salads
We also had lemon water, my kids love lemon water!

I sure hope my kids are about done eating this morning...we have gone through a lot of food. I know they are excited to have fresh apples, bananas and smoothie stuff, but I NEED IT TO LAST!! We spent a big chunk of money this weekend. I still have to go get the breakfast meat still!!

Back to Costco things I did not buy but they had organically.

5# honey (not local or raw-comes from Canada) $13.59=0.17/oz
3 pk of honey bears(not local or raw comes)       $11.89=0.165/oz
Dried Figs 40oz                                                    $10.99=.275/oz
Beef packages of 3-varying weights          $15-20+/pkg =    $4.498/lb

Not organic
Baking Soda 13.5#               $6.59=0.488/oz
Vanilla                                  $6.99=0.437/oz

We stopped at Aldi foods after Costco. The last time I went to aldi I found some great deals-this was not the case at this aldi's. I got 3 bags of organic apples (last time they were $3.99-this time they were like $4.79) and some normal avocados for 79cents each. Total was about $20 for all of it.

We went to the Co-Op in Madison as well. I like this co-op, it was way too busy for me to manage that day though. I ended up not buy any nuts, they were very expensive and I was overwhelmed.(did not know where my list was...) I did pick up $16 worth of sweet potatoes and 4 heads of cabbage! We also got some almond butter that is very expensive and NOT EVEN ORGANIC. I'd love to buy organic-but it was $20+! I cannot swing that for 1# of nut butter...that Vitamix purchase is looking better every day!! Somehow, with the girls each getting a tea and Nathan getting a sandwich...our total was $70 for 2 bags...this hurt a bit. The cabbage and sweet potatoes are all 20-30 cents less per pound than in our town, and it was 2 minutes to drive there from Costco!

Sunday (yesterday now...this is still the updated part...) we headed to the dreaded WALMART. I get organic onions for $3.18/3# bag there, and also the organic cranberries are a decent price! I get organic almonds for under $5 as well. (9 oz)  That pretty much sums up my shopping experience, sorry it isn't as organized as I'd like-I am still trying to figure this blog thingy out!!

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