Monday, February 24, 2014

Organic Shopping

So... we all KNOW I do not ever ever ever want to support Wal-Mart. I hate the store, I hate what they stand for. With that said, I live in a small town with limited shopping. I started my grocery shopping journey at a local "dent bent" store. I had a couple cans of organic green beans I almost bought. I was on a mission for FISH though. I have had a killer craving for FISH. They had some wild caught Cod...but it was China fish...I hate supporting China more than I hate supporting Wal-Mart (often the same thing...) I know as a country, we have to import-we do not have a choice most of the time. I cannot KNOWINGLY buy fish from China, ever watched Whale Wars or similar??


I decided not to make a purchase at said store. If you want to live on boxed CRAP-this store has it all, not to mention over pasteurized cheeses and expired dog food! If you want any REAL food, not a good place to stop!

I drove to Wal-Mart next, I figured I would check for Organics and leave...I actually lucked out a bit! I did notice that all of the organics come from Mexico-I suppose getting produce in the USA is kind of hard right now, considering it is WINTER.

I purchased a 10oz clamshell of spinach, romaine hearts, cucumbers, green onions, zucchini and apples. For a total of $23.27 NOT BAD!! They also had a salad blend and green peppers (We still have frozen green peppers so I do not need those!) potatoes and onions. They were all out of cauliflower (this upset me a bit...) The apples were not as good of a price as at Aldi's, but considering I am not about to drive 40 minutes for a bag of apples-they were not bad!

10oz spinach: $4.98
Romaine hearts 12 oz: $3.38
cucumbers 2 ct-says 10 oz but I weighed it at home and it is 15oz! : $3.58
Green onion 5.5 oz : $1.38
zucchini 2 ct says 6 oz but it is 14 oz! : $3.98
3# bag of apples: 5.97

I then went to a local store and saw that they had Romaine Hearts-I think the bag was bigger and it was 50cents more-I might buy them there next time! They had cauliflower but it was $ I passed!This store has a few more items to choose from, I bought normal avocados-they are a little small but they were $1 each (more than Aldi foods...) I also got some wild caught Canada Cod for $6.79/lb which is cheaper than the Alaskan Cod from Costco-I really do doubt it will be as good though- the Costco cod was the BEST we have ever had!

Organic Oranges are expensive! I have to remind myself that candy bars cost that much-so why not spend it on an orange!?!?
6 oranges (4#) $8.79 or $1.47/each (cheaper than some candy bars-way cheaper than an individual bag of chips!)
bananas .99/lb $4.72 for 2 bunches
4 pack of tomatoes $4.99
So, again I say, organic healthy eating is NOT cheap...but eating in general is not cheap! I would rather spend $50-$60 on what I bought than candy, chips and mac n cheese!
Video below is my New Vitamix-first time ever turning it on!!

Tonight for dinner we are having Salads (with tuna, tomato and avocado) and smoothies made in my new VITAMIX!! Tomorrow-we will have the cod with brussel sprouts!

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