Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paleo kids, eating and fueling the body

So, we have been eating Paleo as a family (minus ONE) for about 3 weeks. I am not 100% sure if Zarina has seen any changes, but I know Zariah has. She was the main reason for diving all the way in! Zariah had some horrible gas and digestive issues. Obviously, she is human-she farts...but they are SO MUCH LESS now! It is nice, we can go for a car ride and not get gassed!

The main problem we are having is that we have blown through over $500 worth of food very quickly! If left to her own devices, Zariah would eat 5-6 bananas, 3-4 oranges, 3-4 apples and MORE every single day! I cannot afford that.

I posted my issue on Paleo Hacks, I got mixed answers. I do not agree with all of them, but some make good suggestions. We already eat sweet potatoes every other day or so, I need to keep that up! I also think offering them a squash in the afternoon might be what is needed. The kids are growing, and there are simply not enough carbs in cabbage, onions and the other veggies we consume to keep them satisfied.

Monday, I am calling the Co-Op to see if I can get bulk produce cheaper. I might ask about apples... it never crossed my mind (apples there are like $7-8/bag!) that they might get them cheaper by the bushel! (Thank you for the idea on PaleoHacks!)

I should head over to Vitacost or Amazon and order coconut milk and almond butter now...

I just punched some numbers into an online calculator.

My BMI is 20.4- totally healthy!
My Lean Body Mass is 106# which means I have about 24#s of fat and muscle.
It estimates that my total body fat is 24% - also super healthy!

These are not totally accurate without a full body comp-but it shows I am doing something right!

As for the kids-

Zariah's BMI is 15.4, she is in the 43rd percentile for weight and totally healthy!
Zarina's BMI is 14.4 and she is in the 24th percentile-also totally healthy!

My kids were ALWAYS in the 20-45th (ish) percentiles for weight-and always in the 90th for height. We are not meant to be fat, we are all super healthy!!

I am uploading a video right now on this topic. The lighting and angle are horrible-sorry. You can basically see up my nose...and my skin looks bad-I swear it is the lighting as I am doing quite well on this new way of eating!

TMI- I got my period first PALEO period. I didn't realize it was coming as I was not a raving bitch last week! I haven't had cramps or MAJOR cravings either. Something about this change in diet-since we all know im not active yet...has helped my menstral cycle!!

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