Monday, February 17, 2014

Paleo Menu

So, on Monday I posted a bit of what we had eaten. I would like to keep going with that, but all in one place. I would say that we are a pretty "clean" eating family (the kids and me...) but Paleo eating is an adjustment. I can see how some people think it is not doable, but it is just reminding me how far I have come in my dietary changes. 

I do not always post this: we eat bananas/apples with or without nut butter as well as a few squares of 85% dark chocolate on a regular basis. We also found our favorite after dinner treat to be a date rolled in coconut! We enjoy drinking herbal tea with a little honey in it at night; sometimes with a handful of nuts, craisins and some chocolate! We also enjoy drinking lemon water during the day as well!!

Breakfast- Smoothie (carrot juice, mixed berries, ice, flax seed), apple, almond butter, banana, hard boiled egg...NOW this looks like a lot of food. It kind of is a lot of food, but we were all still hungry!

Lunch-the kids had a salad with egg on it, I just had a leftover burger with avocado and some coleslaw. (Recipes posted under shopping trip)

Snacks-we eat bananas, apples, craisins, almond butter, carrots and stuff as we NEED them. For some reason, I had been starving all day and had eaten more than I thought I would.  I am still nursing a toddler, and I basically eat more about an hour after he nurses.

Dinner- chicken on salad this included tomatoes, carrots, avocado, chicken,egg, lettuce blend, and a homemade vinaigrette with garlic.

Treat: Baked apple with date
Coconut oil (about 2tbsp)in pan, pitted dates(3-chopped up) cook down a bit,toss in 2cut up apples, stir for about 5 minutes...sprinkle with pumpkin spice, stir and enjoy!


Breakfast- smoothie( carrot juice, flax seed, mixed berries,frozen avocado, banana)hard-boiled egg, apple with almond butter

Tuesday lunch: leftover salad stuff and coleslaw

Dinner: cabbage rolls
Now, I know our dinner was controversially paleo. It included quinoa, which is in fact a seed not a grain, so in moderation...I think it is fine! 

Recipe: (use organic ingredients!)
1 cup quinoa
2 cups vegetable broth
6 carrots, chopped up small in a processor
1 medium onion (chopped small in processor) 
15-18 cabbage leaves
2 cans of fire roasted tomatoes (next time I'm using tomatoes with chillies!) 
1 lb (ish) of sausage
1 cup of chopped up broccoli 

Need 2 baking dishes and a big bowl

1-Soak quinoa in water for a few hours, drain and rinse.
2-Put 2 cups of vegetable broth and quinoa in a medium pan and bring to boil. Allow to boil a few minutes and then reduce and simmer. (Follow your quinoa directions...I didn't read the Bag...I just did  what felt right) turn off and set aside when done. 
3-meanwhile, cook sausage in a different pan, cook like you would cook hamburger, until done and grease 2 baking pans, start a pot of water with salt boiling to get cabbage leaves to fall off
4- combine carrots, onion, cooked quinoa,broccoli, 1 can of tomatoes and sausage in a big bowl set aside while you get cabbage leaves (all ingredients except for 1 can of tomatoes and the cabbage leaves...pretty easy!) 
5-  peel off outer layer of cabbage. Remove as much of core as you can. Put cabbage in water, it takes a few minutes and you should be able to peel the layers of cabbage off without them breaking. Once you have 15-18 cabbage leaves, take the head out and out the leaves back in for 2 minutes if they are not softened up enough to make rolls. Cut out the hard part of the cabbage leaves (only a couple inches, don't cut up too high) 
6- stuff cabbage leaves with the mixture, stick with a toothpick to fasten shut, cover with other can of tomatoes. Bake in oven for about 30 minutes. I didn't cover mine, I might next time...I just hate wasting foil! 
It looks kind of funny, but everyone loved it! Only thing missing was some spice...definitely using the chillies next time!

After dinner Snack: coconut dates (I confess, after the kids went to bed, I had a small handful of craisins and about an ounce of 85% organic dark chocolate with rooibos tea!! This happens MOST nights, it has become my ritual!)


Breakfast- Paleo Pancakes
To make these, I started out with 8 eggs and 4 bananas...this was NOT enough, we were all still very hungry (no Nathan, he was at work...just the 3 kids and myself!) SO, I fixed another batch with 6 more eggs and 3 more bananas! For a total of 14 eggs and 7 bananas! Three of us ate ours with real maple syrup and Zariah had hers with homemade apple butter.

Now, like most yummy food-these look disgusting, but they are SOOO good! All I needed was egg and banana with toppings, and some evoo to grease the skillet!

We had leftovers (cold) I don't have a microwave, and didn't want to heat up the oven for the little bit we wanted. We also had almond butter with apples and bananas. 

Our meal looked funny! We are a meat and side kind of family, and looking at our meal, it looked like we were missing the meat! I was worried we wouldn't have enough for everyone. I also worried that my husband would be confused...I was right! He came home and said "What do I do with this?" Referring to my egg/avocado mixture.
Verdict: BEST MEAL EVER! Everyone ate until they were full, and it was all so tasty!

We had
-Egg with Avocado
-Sweet Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
-Bacon Wrapped Sweet potato fries
-Normal Sweet potato fries

There was only 1# of bacon involved for the whole thing!
I cannot take credit for these recipes, I can however link you up!
I started with 1 package of pastured bacon, set 5 strips aside-and then made my wrapped fries with the extra bacon. (my package was around 1 pound)
Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries I pretty much did what they said-I think my oven was at 425 degrees because that is what it was at for the sprouts! 

Maple Brussel Sprouts with Bacon I did what she said almost to a T-I did however, bake sprouts-cooking bacon in a sauce pot-and then transferred sprouts to bacon pot without draining the bacon fat. You only use 4 strips of bacon, there is not a lot of extra fat, but there is a LOT of flavor!! I only needed 1 swirl around the pot with the maple syrup!! This is a new fave!!

Here was my inspiration for the egg/avocado concoction - Though I do not agree with all of the info on fresh eggs on this page, nor did I follow the directions.

What I did- peeled 6 (properly) boiled and cooled hard boiled eggs,  took 2 avocados (remove outside and seed) and mashed them REALLY WELL, quartered the last of my cherry tomatoes (probably only 1/2 cup worth) added 1 slice of cooked cut up bacon and mixed it all together-salt and pepper to taste and DONE.  It could have used more bacon-but I only wanted to use 1 package of bacon for this meal. It was so good, everyone loved it!

Breakfast- smoothies and granola (GRAIN FREE!!)
Lunch/snacks: Leftovers and fruit
Meatloaf w/ carrots in it (this was a can taste the carrots!) I try to hide veggies in my food (from me) my kids love veggies. Me? Not so much.

Sweet-Potato w/ dates-YUM!
Left-over coleslaw (we cannot seem to eat this up-it is good though!)
Heart Shaped Jello (was a before dinner snack...)
Friday-Valenties Day
Breakfast: bacon, paleo pancakes

For the Hubby-I made bacon wrapped eggs in a heart tin
Leftovers and heart shaped jello

Friday Dinner-Nathan worked late, so I made spaghetti squash (zariah loves this...Nathan does NOT), I used the organic sauce I got from Costco-no sugar in it! I took leftover meatloaf and cooked it with the sauce. The kids also had some carrots-Zariah wanted them so she cut them up-and made them "pretty"
(she made a heart, love, Zariah)

Saturday Breakfast: Smoothies, hardboiled egg and granola

Lunch/snacks- albacore tuna (nothing added), jello, coleslaw and fruit

Saturday Dinner- cod with asparagus and sweet potato
(Zariah had spaghetti squash again...)

Sunday- Breakfast- lunchmeat and egg 'muffins' with the last of our bananas used up for Paleo Pancakes.

lunch/snacks- nuts, leftovers

Sunday Dinner- cubed venison w/ ghee and bacon fat with mushrooms and onions on top. baked cabbage (e.v.o.o. salt and pepper), leftover asparagus

After dinner snack- chocolate covered frozen bananas

Smoothies-kids had the normal smoothie (carrot juice, flax, banana, mixed berries, greens) I had a new smoothie and it was SOOO good!
Carrot juice, 2 bananas, a tbsp. of almond butter, greens and flax

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