Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thrifting day

I have been home bound for some time. I am potty training Torrin-it is FUN... He actually is doing quite well, but we have yet to use a real potty, so peeing out and about is kind of hard. He pees on demand (butt on potty-equals pee time) but still waters my floors and furniture from time to time. Going to town has him going backwards...I am a bit sad! We will remain positive and let the nudest run...time to wash more towels!!

So, we got our tax refund. I paid off some bills-going to keep them paid off! We used our credit at the Co-Op (from selling squash last fall) to buy some more cabbage and sweet potatoes, went to the feed store and got chicken food, shavings and dog food, went to the furniture store and got some local honey (seems quite funny huh?!?)

I also was a big spender at Good Will. I am not a fan of Good Will, I think they are not as great to shop at as personally owned thrift stores, but in our little town, there is not much to choose from. I hit up a local Church run Thrift Store and nothing "called" to me, so we went to G.W. I found 3 tops for myself, 1 top for Zarina (for next winter-she picked it out), a pair of Roller-Blades for Zariah, and two books!
BCBG Max Azria
cost me $4!!

BCBG Again
another $4


Size 8-will be a little big on her for some time
I told you I was a big spender!

Did I mention I am the best-coolest-most awesomest mama ever?!?!?  (her words...yes we homeschool, don't judge!) Not many kids get to rollerblade inside I suppose! She isn't running circles around my kitchen yet, she is trying not to pull the fridge over!!!

As for books, we found The Usborne Little Book of Children's Poem's -we have the The Greek Myths books-and the kids really like it (thank you T.C.) I, on the other hand, cannot pronounce half the words! Zarina picked out another book-I can't tell her no to A BOOK!

OH! I almost forgot, Zariah also picked out a wool blend sweater to attempt making mittens-if it is a success, it will be on the homeschool page!

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