Thursday, March 6, 2014

Busted pretty little face

Tuesday, we all got dressed in a hurry. Skipping showers, just managing to brush teeth and pull our hair back into messy pony tails...we thought we were heading to the urgent care! I threw on some sweats and started the truck. About 10 minutes had passed, and I checked in on my injured child. Noticed Torrin still didn't have a shirt on, but at least he had a clean diaper, pants, socks and shoes!

Zarina busted her pretty little face! She was putting away dishes, slipped (was climbing instead of using a chair...) and fell. Her face landed on the glass dish, which smashed down on the counter. She busted her chin, but there was no broken glass!
Looks kind of bad...but when the bleeding slowed down a bunch, we decided to head to the pharmacy for a butterfly stitch and skip the e.r.
More purple for sure! Her lip marks are smoothie, not bruises b.t.w.
This was about 24 hrs later
Gets prettier each time I snap a pic!
This was about a day and a half later! 

The kids were upset we were unable to go swimming, but I couldn't risk getting it wet and possibly introducing infection. I do think today (Thursday) I will take the stitch off. 

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