Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chocolate and dates= heaven

Not sure what you want to call this, but damn good sums it up!

I have a slight obsession with dates...and pecans...and chocolate! Anytime I can combine 2 or more of my obsessions, it makes me truly happy!
My favorites chocolate is still the green and blacks organics
We did find an organic chocolate that is 70-72% I believe, at Trader Joe's-it doesn't have soy in it, the kids like it but I think it is too sweet.
My date of choice is the big Medjool Dates, you need about 12 of them for this recipe. Dates are kind of hard to measure, so if you use the smaller dates, get about 1-1.5 cups.  I used about 4-5 halves of pecans per "candy" and it made 15 total.
What you need:
12 pitted medjool dates
1- 3.5 oz bar of your favorite dark chocolate
60+ pieces of pecan halves (2 cups?)
-Process your pitted dates until they ball up (smooth and sticky)

-remove date mixture and form into small balls on waxed or greased pan
-they are about quarter sized-don't do like I did and smash them down yet-they will stick to the paper...
-grab 1 piece of pecan half and press into the bottom of each date ball. (this will keep it from sticking to the paper really badly)
-Now, stick as many pieces of pecan into the date ball as you would like. I pressed 4-5 into each piece total. Just to fill in the date parts.

-Heat up a small pan over med/low heat and add your chocolate bar (break it up into pieces first)
-Once it is melted all of the way, spoon it over your pecan/date forms.

Super messy! I had a bunch of chocolate left in my pan, and at this point it had cooled off quite a bit, so I carefully dipped the bottoms of each candy into the chocolate.
-Put in fridge for 15 minutes or longer, this will firm up the chocolate!

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