Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crazier and simplifying

Have you ever seen such a small egg? It looks almost fake! It is from a chicken!
Now, this looks kind of gross, but it's not!
I put the romain hearts in water about 5 days ago, look how differently they are growing! They all sit together in the window!
I put the celery in 2 days ago. It has some small growths.

This is a case or oranges...minus maybe 5 that they ate. I cannot remember what I paid, but I want to say it made them less than 40 cents each...

When I went to Madison, I stopped and bought some nuts and seeds. I think I got more pumpkin and sunflower seeds than I needed...I may need more pecans and walnuts!
Oh, the pumpkin seeds are conventional!
 I had to, I couldn't justify "organic" from CHINA over conventional from USA! 

They are soaking and I will dehydrate! They swell so much overnight! My jars were almost too small. 

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