Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good morning?

I am hoping that my body deciding to wake up at 5:40 a.m. Doesn't come back to bite me in the ass. See, I'm a sleeper. I looooove sleep! I normally wake up around 745-830 depending on how crappy of sleep I got the night before was. My king sized bed is no match for my nursing toddler, I haven't slept for more than 3 straight hours uninterrupted since I was 5 months pregnant with him....that was about June 2012...

So, I got up since I was wide awake for some stupid reason and tossed some wood on the fire, put a big ole scoop of coconut oil in my mouth and started the coffee pot. Of course once I hit 6 minutes in, Torrin woke up and wanted to nurse. Luckily for me, just as my gag reflex was kicking in, he popped off and went back to sleep. Now, I find myself with smooth teeth (freshly brushed of course), a cup of hot coffee...and a tablet. The coffee sucks, I got the coffee pot ready before bed last night...I was tired! I didn't make it strong enough. Might need extra...I know, I know...crunchy mamas don't drink coffee...we'll, this one does. As much as I'd love to give it up (which I have done) I actually LIKE coffee. I'm healthy and not jittery...I don't "need" it so much as I want it. I've cut so many things from my will be over my cold dead hands that someone takes this one thing away from me lol. Of all the things I've cut from my life (wheat, boxed crap, fake "food", fake "friends" ...) that was done out of necessity...there is no REAL reason for me to not enjoy a cup of coffee that I can find.

Anyway, hadn't meant to go on and on about coffee...gotta love my brain!

I've been meaning to post on here and the homeschool page for days and have been too busy with life!

Last Monday, we visited with another homeschool family, this family has helped me greatly in my journey to child led learning, and unschooling (more about that on the school page). While we were there, my girls fell in love with everything about their life, goats, cat, guinea pigs, free range name it! I had actually been playing with the idea of the kids picking out a pet, just hadn't known what they would want. Didn't want to hop on craigslist and have them pick the first thing they saw ya know? Well, they wanted guinea pigs! Zarina "tamed" their less than nice piggy, and they just fell in love with them in general. On the way home they asked to go get books to learn about guinea pigs (I said we would wait). Wednesday, we checked out every guinea pig book the library had, on our way to pick up some guinea pigs. The girls didn't know we were going to get them, and it was not very well planned out.

I wasn't going to pay for guinea pigs, so many people get them and rehome them WITH A CAGE for free. I told the family that had them that the kids would pay them, but that their asking price was too much for young kids. They eventually said, to just take them. They did not have time to care for them any more. (A house full of kids and other pets...the novelty had worn off...) it was sad honestly, but I do feel as thought we were meant to find them. As much as I did not want THREE male guinea pigs...yes that was 3 MALE guinea pigs...(wth) I know we can make them happy. This house has lots of love to give.

Last night, after a long awesome day outside, Zarina was cleaning up the cage, giving them piggies their dinner, she mentioned to me that she didn't give them enough attention today. She saw them acting bad (like males tend to do in a smaller cage) and she truly felt bad. Now, this kid had the pigs out for a good 2+hours throughout the day??? I swear I'm under exaggerating here! Every time I turn around, she has one in her lap. Still, she noticed they missed out on burning some energy, and her heart strings pulled.

We already decided we have to build the piggies a bigger cage, the metal store bought one will not do. Unfortunately, we are under construction (always) and I'd like to find a way to "fit" a cage into the "design" . Guinea pigs NEEED to see their people, so it isn't like I can build a cage somewhere hidden away. They need to feel included in the day to day stuff. My home is organizationally challenged...we will figure it out!

So, Friday Nathan left for MN for a motorcycle show for work. My aunt (cousin...) and her daughters came to visit. Zariah and Maliyah stayed up until midnight! Zarina put herself to bed. I tried watching a movie, Ash fell asleep. Saturday, mom and baby brother (18 now holy shit!) came to visit.

We basically spent the day outside. Lots of trampoline time, scooping up dog mines (this job will seriously take weeks! Having a Saint Bernard in the winter is horrible for your lawn!)

At one point, Torrin wanted me to go on the trampoline with him. I get on thinking we are gonna play, and he wants to nurse. The poor kid was soooooo tired but didn't want to go inside! Luckily, a few minutes of milky bliss, and he was ready to go chill in the house.

 I, on the other hand, felt like I was on something! My need to move, clean and just DO was on overdrive! This started on Friday. I seriously cleaned my house! I haven't cleaned in ages! (I love my husband...and he cleans up after me haha). Torrin was actually letting me clean, while he walked around with frozen blueberries...messing everything up again.  I even brought in the "plant table" and turned my dining table the other way to accommodate my seed trays.

It must be the weather. I swear I have so much more energy when their in sunshine (duh, right?!) I am very dependent on Mr. Sun! It is just so crazy now, my baby is so big, he wants to run and play...and when he is outside he lets me get a little farther away. It is bitter sweet... On one hand, I do miss some of my freedom, I can't lie and say I enjoy being pinned to a couch all day. On the other hand, I am nowhere ready for him to push me away. I hope he doesn't stop nursing this summer...he will be 2 August 31st, and he still nurses a lot...more than "normal" ( normal...that shit is overrated) I know right now, he is not ready to! I hope this summer, him gaining his independence, doesn't change that.

Oh, yesterday Torrin helped me plant some herbs! It was cute for like 2 minutes...then that clean house I spoke of...yea...not anymore! He really like the dirt. We have a sandbox, but I think I'm going to make him a small sensory bucket. I have a feeling he would love to play with rice and beads...with supervision of course. This kid still samples everything!

Well, one cup of coffee down...I think it is time to try a new donut recipe! I have been grain free for quite awhile now...but I want to treat the kiddos!

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