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Mr. Rogers neighborhood & Sunflower cookie/biscuit

This posting was from Yesterday-3/17

Today, it is so cold! We only have the wood stove going, not the wood furnace. Everyone is huddled in the living room near the fire! Part of me wants to bake something, but all I have is oat and grain supplies and I really want to stick grain free. I could always make something just for the kids...I have a taste for coconut, but all of my ideas are cold.

Anyway, with us all hiding out in hour living room, I decided to look on amazon prime for something "educational" but fun. Unfortunately, the magic schoolhouse is not free, I'm quite upset by this! I got to thinking, and did a quick search for Mr. Rogers, what do ya know, free!

The girls were a bit confused and concerned, the first episode is in black and white. They asked me several times if it would turn to color. I'm not sure what the girls thought about watching this show, but I do think mr roger sends a few great messages.

Episode 1
I really liked hearing his song about liking people the way they are. How he wouldn't change a thing, but keep you just the way you are! What a great message!  They also talked about change. Sometimes change can be scary and not fun...but change can be good as well. Something's don't need to change, like the people we care about.

Episode 2
Funny thing, he starts with a song of course, and the girls kind of roll their eyes. Then he has them guess what is in the bag,,,THEY WERE GUESSING! My kids like guessing games, and they also like creating things from a recycled item. Mr. Rogers was trying to "repurpose" his burlap bag, and the kids actually had ideas.
In this episode, he is still talking about change. I am amazed by the lessons and learning opportunity in each episode that I missed as a kid! He explains what the headline of a newspaper, and defines words in normal conversation. He talks about how new toys are fun, but things we have had for awhile make us happy.

After the 2nd episode, Zariah says to me, "I like these, but they are weird, he sings a lot!"

Now, at this point, I am considering shutting it off, this is way more tv time than my kids generally get. However, it is still cold, and though it doesn't look educational in comparison to the documentary movies, they are learning about kindness and so much more! I'd rather have a kind, generous, loving child than a math know-it-all!

Episode 3
I had to smile at the "I'd like to be just like my mom" song. It was cute...I can only hope my kids would sing it!

Mr. Rogers asks,"Who washes the glasses in your house?" and of course Zariah says "daddy..." Yup, I'm a great "house-wife" haha!!

This wasn't a very well liked episode...they touched on the topic of trust, and how the king wasn't trusting anyone...

They wanted to continue watching a few episodes, so we shall!

I am not sure what the 4th or 5th episode are about. It sounded like more on the king being upset by change, and people wanting peace and love. Seems appropriate for the year they aired. 1967&1968 I believe. (Around my mothers birth)

Zariah stopped me to say that episode 6 is in color! Zarina thought it looked way different! Also, we just realized he has a fish!

 Sunflower cookies/biscuits

While the kids were watching the shows, my urge to bake got the best of me. Unfortunately for me, my baking supplies (from vitacost) will not be here until later in the week! One thing I bought a bunch of when I did my bulk buying a few weeks ago was sunflower seeds.

I try to soak and dehydrate all of my nuts and seeds after I purchase them so that they are ready to use in recipes or to snack on. (It is important to properly soak and dry your raw nuts and seeds!)

So, since my "fun" baking supplies are not here from vitacost yet, I decided to throw some stuff in the vitamix and see what happened! Raw, organic sunflower seeds are pretty cheap, makes me think it would be great if this recipe is a success!

This recipe is the result if me being low on baking supplies, and not wanting to cave by using "grains". Now, I think this is probably a good "tea" cookie for adults. It is not a sweet treat that all kids would devour. My kids are eating them, and enjoy them...but they are not used to eating sugar or super sweets any longer!

To start, I took 2 cups of raw/organic (properly soaked and dried) sunflower seeds and put them in my vitamix (blender) and made a "powder" or flour. It is a little gritty yet, but I'm hoping it is something we enjoy. I don't want a cookie that is like all the other cookies I have tried. I wanted something new! Now, this recipe is not perfected just yet. It is not a "sweet" treat..I think had I had chocolate chunks in the recipe, it may have been a touch better. I actually ALMOST made these cookies with 1/4 cup of craisins in it...but decided against at the last second. It is something I will try next time!

Once you have the sunflower "flour" add it to the mixer bowl. Next, I took my chocolate bar and added it to the blender and make a powder of it.  (If you have nibs or small chunks, use them...and add them straight to the mixer, but do not pulverize!)

Put all ingredients in mixer.

Bake for 15-18 minutes at 350degrees.

2 cups sunflower seeds (for a smoother cookie, try sunflower butter)
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup honey (mine could have been a bit sweeter...)
1/3 cup shredded coconut flakes
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 oz dark chocolate bar (if you have chips or chunks, use those)

These are good "biscuit" cookies. I do plan to play with the recipe a bit more, maybe tossing in some dates or leaving out the chocolate and adding dried fruit...I am new to totally plucking a recipe out of the air! Normally, I find one online and tweak it to suit my needs. Finding a grain free sunflower cookie recipe proved impossible though!

Do you have a surplus of sunflower seeds?
Do you have any grain free, sugar free, dairy free recipes to share? I'd love to try out some!
this is what my pulverized sunflower seeds look like

this is what 1oz of dark chocolate looks like

                                                        Pulverized dark chocolate...
this recipe will make 15 cookies
I put them in rounded tablespoons and "balled" them

They were pretty good-but there is room for improvement

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