Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Paleo GRUMPS and busy life!

The other day, I posted on PaleoHacks my "dilemma".

My dilemma is this: My kids would eat every piece of fruit they could if left to their own devices. I want my kids eating healthy whole foods, and organic is a priority! It is just not always possible for me to afford for the kids to eat a bag of oranges, apples and bunch of bananas each day.
The responses I received were mixed. Some were very kind, others-quite harsh. If you care to read the discussion...HERE ya go!

My kids don't starve! They eat quite well in fact!
 While I was cooking up some lunch-she had a fruit leather. (applesauce and mixed berries)

My kids eat all day long! They have free access to carrots, celery and hard boiled eggs. I do let them have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, the problem is that they would skip the greens and opt for the apples and oranges all day long if I let them.

Now, I do not want to encourage them to pig out on fruit-fruit has a lot of sugar and they will constantly be hungry if they don't eat something with a bit more substance...but I did go to Costco last night, and picked up 39#s of bananas (they are too green to eat right now). I also ordered 25#'s of sweet potatoes, 40#s of apples, and about 40#s of oranges from the local coop, I will pick them up today. On top of that, I ordered 10 heads of purple cabbage. I am hoping I can make room in the spare fridge for all of this food! I save 15% by buying it all at once.

I started this posting a few days ago, but life has just been so crazy that I never finished it. Saturday, I sold my beloved Excursion...I am still sad about it. My husband says it was too my vehicle to maintain...he is right, but I love that truck! To change the oil took 15 qts...and diesel is expensive! It got great mileage though. 20+ all day long, didn't matter if you pulled something or not. Didn't matter if you got on it hard...not that I would do that...
The main issue with the Excursion was that it was rusting out. We got the truck 2 years ago, and we just never made the time to fix the rust that was already there. We knew it needed done, but LIFE happened and we never got it fixed...we had already replaced the tranny in the truck and it was at 303,XXX miles. I am not sure if we would have been in for a lot more repairs had we kept it...but I guess we will never know.

We started vehicle shopping before we sold the truck. We drove to Madison on Saturday night, hoping to get a suburban-but it was not as nice as the pictures! I ended up getting to go to Trader Joes for the first time! They had some great prices on organics! I would love to go back again when Torrin is not such a grump! We ended up so hungry, and couldn't find a decent place to eat...ended up eating at Applebee's of all places. UGH-YUCK. I got a plain steak with applesauce and the kids got grilled chicken. Everything was gfdf, but you can tell it wasn't pastured meat for sure!

We have emailed back and forth with tons of people hoping to find the perfect vehicle for the kids and me. I don't even know how many people I emailed that never even replied! If your vehicle is sold, PLEASE delete your craigslist ad!

Well, on Monday we headed to Waukon Iowa and picked up a Tahoe. This thing is old 2002, but the miles are only at 135XXX. It is in great shape, but there is ONE problem. Nathan told me it got 18+ for mpg...he was mistaken! I took his word for it instead of googling it myself-BIG MISTAKE!

Driving home, I got 11.5! He says it is my driving that made the mileage be so bad, he drove all day yesterday for us to go to Costco and such, so I am going to check the mileage again.

If only I could convince myself to give up 3rd row seating. I am just not sure I can do it! There are a lot of great Subaru's without 3rd row, and they get awesome mpg...but we hardly fit in the Tahoe! A mini-van isn't an option as I would never be able to go anywhere in the winter. My road is the very last to get plowed, and I am sure they do it with their eyes closed! Most winter days, I have to stick my vehicle in 4x4 to even get up my driveway, and my neighbor does a great job of keeping it plowed! I cannot give up awd...I just can' for 3rd row...I am just not sure!

Tuesday, we drove a bit with the "new" truck. I picked up a Deuter Kid Comfort II.

I think I got a good deal on it. It was used 2 times and it is in NEW condition for sure. I got it for $125 which I didn't think was too bad! They sell for $250+ the rain cover/sun cover. I tried to put Torrin in it last night to try it out and he wasn't having it at all...will try again when he is rested!

So, as for this "blog"...I have been meaning to post a few yummy recipes and it seems my virtual buddy beat me to it! I met Sophia through Google+, we have a lot in common and similar interests (though I LOVE meat and she would eat veggies all she has posted a few recipes that I was going to post.  Check them out, and I will post when I get around to it! I have been too busy to post recipes, but promise to get back with it! My family has a bit of an obsession with dates at the moment, so the link to her blog shows the recipe I was getting ready to post!

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