Friday, March 7, 2014

Pick a

I realize I have already posted a couple of times this week. If you look down at my posts you will see I am horrible at staying on topic, and I share more about my personal life than you'd care to read. I am a real person, living a real life...

I would like to pick a topic, and I will try to stick to it! With talking about illness yesterday morning, and how to handle it naturally, without medicine...a friend of mine and I started talking real whole foods. (Here is a link to her blog page.)

We talked all morning about natural cures for the flu and colds. My poor kids would probably hate her if they knew she is the reason they were downing garlic!! I awoke this morning to another sickly child. Nathan got to Zariah before I did-and he gave her ibuprofen. I was not too happy about this as now, she is perky instead of trying to rest! It is a lot of change for our family, saying no to medicine and yes to natural ways. We were not raised this way, we were taught to trust doctors. I am learning now, that people put too much faith and trust into "people" we don't even know! Doctors and Big Pharma make big money off of us not questioning them. More often than not, we are being given "poisons" to cure our small illness. Same goes for food. We are trusting big companies who are out to make big money, why should we trust them? The answer is that we should not. If your "food" comes in a box-it really is not food. We need to be feeding our children whole foods, and using food and herbs to heal them. Our bodies are AMAZING, they are made to survive. There is so much available to us if we just open up our minds. Be open to embracing a fever, for it is the body's way of curing itself. Reducing a fever is not what is best for your body. We need to trust our bodies, and we need to trust real, whole foods.

Now, I am not by any means saying NO to modern medicine-it has saved MANY lives. I do think we treat it casually however. Headache-pop a pill...Constipated-pop a pill...Can't sleep-pop a pill...the list goes on, and GUESS WHAT-most of the time, these "illnesses" will NOT kill you. You might be uncomfortable for a day or two, but your body will fight it, and you will be stronger for it! How about a cup of tea, an nutrient rich meal and an early bedtime? I wouldn't want my kids (or myself for that matter) to suffer pains for days on end, but I do not think popping a Tylenol or ibuprofen at the first site of a headache or growing pains is the way to grow. When did we become so weak?

When did we start choosing fake, fat free "foods"  over real fat? When did we start choosing yellow 5 and blue colorings over the true color of a pickle? Pickles look great "normal". Now, I'm not going to give you a million links to studies that give you more than enough reasons to avoid these "things" , but shouldn't it be common knowledge that real whole food is the best fuel for your body?

I have had many obstacles  in my journey to a healthier life. When I had to give up gluten and dairy, I thought I would die! Guesssss whaaaaat??? I am still living, and I am finally living for real! Cutting gluten was a big deal, but I was too blind to see through the "gluten free" labels. Just because it says gluten free doesn't mean it is better for you! Now, on a rare occasion, it makes a nice treat is you are craving a slice of bread...but it should not be a staple in your diet.

Same goes for choosing sugar free over real sugar. Seriously, this one kills me! (And could be killing you!) sugar is not a total enemy! Yes, it should be consumed in small small amounts, and it is highly addictive, but I'd rather my kids have a real soda (made with real herbs and real sugar) over colors and high fructose corn syrup, or worse...aspartame! I actually have not baked or cooked with sugar is over a month, I have learned to use raisins and dates and my family is more than happy! Three years ago, I didn't know what a date was! I didn't know they were sweet, and made a great snack! I didn't have a clue my kids would love them!

Now, my family has done GREAT on the Paleo Diet...I have learned a lot. We eat a lot more at one time without rice or potatoes to fill us up, but we have learned to love REAL food. I make brussel sprouts and my kids scream "MY FAVORITE", it is kind of awesome!

With that said, I plan to dig deeper. I plan to keep learning, and doing better by my family. I just jarred up 9 trays of soaked and then dried (at 105 degrees) nuts and seeds. Six months ago, I would never have known it was better to soak and dry nuts. I am constantly LEARNING. Learning is a life skill, we learn as we go. 

Did you know, nuts contain enzyme inhibitors? Now, I am not going to get all technical-there are plenty of blogs out there, just google "why soak nuts" and there is tons of info out there. I am just saying, the reason I always got a belly ache from eating nuts was because I didn't know how to prepare them. I am thinking as I dig deeper into learning about soaking and sprouting, I may be able to reintroduce certain grains and legumes into our diets. It is all about learning and trying. What one person does isn't the answer for everyone. I do believe that real, whole foods are the answer for EVERYONE though. There is no denying real food vs fake is WAY better.

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