Thursday, March 20, 2014

Real quickly...

My husband sent me a message saying he wished our home was paid for so we could be hermits. He wants to be home with us, being a part of raising our kids naturally. Making an honest income by (hopefully) selling produce, eggs and syrup (and later honey...we are dreamers, what can I say!?)

My reply is below. Now, before my reply...I want to say this again: I have felt very blessed the last few days. I have felt very grateful...and then I had someone attack me (my parenting and "teaching" of my children). I still feel very blessed. I have three beautiful, healthy children with whom I spend my days. We do silly things, we do fun things...we do normal boring stuff too. I posted on google the other day :

1 day ago
I am so should smell and taste this..I'm pretty sure it is the best smelling and bestest tasting syrup ever!! It is not ready to "bottle" but my awesome hubs stayed up til 2am boiling down about 20 gallons of sap! Now, we are heading out as a family to collect more sap!!

Then, last night I poste this:
My life is soooo good right now!! How on earth did I go over a year gf and not know about coconut flour? I wasted so much time with rice flour! Going grain free was the best thing for me!! 

Next time, I will be skipping the chocolate chips (hubby and kids demanded them!) hubs agreed these pancakes taste more than sweet enough without them! 

Organic coconut flour, organic LOCAL (my hens) eggs, nitrate free bacon...fresh made pure maple syrup...yummmmmm

See? I was feeling grateful! is my reply to my husband about becoming hermits:

I don't want to be a hermit. 
I want to live a life worth living.
I want our kids to always be happy, to have experiences
I want us to do stuff as a family 
I want to make memories with our kids...and us as a couple. 
I don't want to be Lonely when our kids are grown...I want them to want to come home to see keep us in their lives because they LIKE us as people, not out of obligation...or worse just walk away from us entirely....
I also want us to have enough awesome memories of our time spent with our kids (and together) that we never really feel alone. So we can walk through the woods in 30 years...and still hear our kids laughing and picture them taking in their surroundings...
I want our kids to sit down for pancakes (when they are adults) and think about collecting sap with their dad..and staying up late watching it boil down...I want them to see flowers or a vegetable garden and to think of sitting out in the dirt with me. I want to imprint myself so hard on their souls that they always feel connected. 

His reply was asking if I was trying to make him all honesty I almost cried typing it. It is the truth I feel in my soul...

So, right now...I am dancing around my kitchen (still in my pjs at 330...) baking with my kids. Learning with my kids. Loving every second spent with my kids. I am grateful. 

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