Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sick kids...but spring is coming!

This was from March 9th...I had hoped to upload pictures...but never got them off the camera. My laptop is a pile!

My kids are still sick.

Yesterday, we bundled up and headed into the woods with Nathan to see the trees he has tapped. It might not have been the best idea for fighting the illnesses in the kids, but it sure lifted their spirits! Torrin loved seeing the steers (cows) and kept mooing! The girls were able to sample some sap right from the tree! It was a very neat experience!

So far, Nathan estimates he tapped 29 trees, many have 2taps in them. I can't wait to start filling buckets with sap! It is hard to include the kids in the learning process when they are still so under the weather. I haven't had to cook a real meal in days, but have been loading up as much as I can to keep up with the demands of Torrin's nursing.

With the snow melting, I see spots of dead has me thinking spring!

I just ordered this poster for my kitchen

It won't let me paste the picture, but click above to see it.

I am ready to learn about herbs and plants. I hope to learn a lot this spring and summer! This is knowledge I hope to learn and pass on to my children. I also ordered a couple of books from amazon.

This book will hopefully help me learn about teas that I can make!

This book is about herbal medicine that I hope to learn and practice!

There are so many herbal books out there, I figured the best thing I could do what just pick a couple and go from there. I already have an essential oils book, and I like it, but I have a hard time incorporating it into my daily lives.

Once the books arrive, I read through them, and try out some of the recipes...I do plan to review them for anyone who reads this page.

Disclaimer: I bought all of the above items on my own, none of the items are bring sponsored by anyone. Clicking on the links and buying from them will not help me financially at all. I am just sharing my purchases with my readers. My hubby is footing the bill for the poster and both books!

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