Tuesday, March 18, 2014

we dont do normal...dinners

In my house, my kids are not allowed to say negative things about what is served for dinner. I do not force them to eat more than they want, though I do ask them to take at least 2 bites of everything. If I make a BIG meal, they can take what they want. There are days that I don't know what to make though! Today was that day!! I hadn't planned anything really...I had planned on  making a mixture of everything. We are still cutting up the venison, so that was on the menu.

Tonight for dinner-I had planned (for myself) venison steak with avocado, sautéed onions, and MAYBE a runny egg on top...Zarina wanted an omelet(with onion and venison), Zariah *who is sick of eggs and smoothies ALREADY) wanted a smoothie.
I did have a few bites of my yummy onions-but they ended up in the fridge (maybe Nathan will want them??)
 ^^She had her omelet, and a smoothie-said she was SOOO full...and went on to have some frozen berries with nuts!^^

 ^^^She ONLY wanted a berry smoothie, but ended up eating half the house-just kidding...she had some more blueberries with applesauce and then a banana...^^

Crankipants woke up while I was fixing his sisters omelet...he was held until it was time to flip it, then to silence him quickly (he was sooo hungry and begging for food) I handed him some frozen berries-HE WAS SOLD!!
He did NOT want his omelet-but insisted on frozen blueberries. He polished off 1/2 cup of berries, and ended up eating all of his egg!!

After seeing the kids enjoy their berry smoothies-I decided a banana/coconut/cinnamon smoothie was needed...it was SOOO good. My Vitamix sure gets used a lot! (I think today alone...I have made 4 DIFFERENT smoothies, plus used the nut container!)

My smoothie was not "thick" enough to count as a meal, I was still a bit hungry. SO-I blended up some sunflower seeds, pecans and almonds (with some cinnamon) and tossed some applesauce and frozen blueberries in. A sort of "parfait" it was so yummy-with extra cinnamon and honey!

Zariah wanted to try it...but she is NOT a fan of cinnamon so she made a bad face. I am not sure what happened to my taste buds-I always hated cinnamon, now it goes in EVERYTHING I make!

This is such a weird looking "dinner", but it is Nathan's late  night working, which means anything I would've fixed for him would've been ice cold by the time he got home. At LEAST once a week, I miss the boat on dinner plans. (by either not planning, not taking something out in time, letting the sleeping baby win over dinner prep, or just simply not wanting what was on the menu) I am not perfect...not by any means. My family is FED (healthy ORGANIC foods!!) and happy!! That is what it is all about anyway right??

So, no quick pizza in my oven. No food in a microwave (don't even own one) but instead, smoothies, fruits and eggs all around.

Does your family say to heck with normal?
What is your backup meal?
Do you cave and keep freezer meals that you know are unhealthy? Or instead opt for quick nutritious foods that don't LOOK like a "meal".

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