Monday, April 7, 2014


This is from Sunday, I meant to upload pictures,  but tablet hates me!

So, my new favorite snack has to be creamed coconut in a medjool date! Amazingly, it tastes different than coconut date rolls, but still yummy! I use organic medjool dates and this creamed coconut.  (non-affiliate links in this posting, click on whatever you'd like,  won't  hurt or help me!)

Tomorrow, I have my appointment in the city to see the naturopath.  I plan on making these little balls of energy for the road!

Today,  my hubby is super busy with sap/syrup! I've hardly seen him at all! He is outside, so the kids and I decided to turn our apples into applesauce (they were getting soft), make kale chips (using organic coconut oil, organic kale, sea salt, and my dehydrator!), fruit leathers in the dehydrator and some fresh made o.j.! My kids love orange juice, I'm not a fan of the crap you get at the store.

Oh, and I started my sauerkraut!

Yesterday, while thrifting, I found a hand juicer! The girls were so excited, don't think they realized how much work it is for one cup! We all enjoyed 1 juiced orange! 

While thrifting, I also found some awesome deals on clothes for myself! All good brands, many USA made! I spent under $40!!

So, I have been reading my books. I am about half way through The Paleo Approach, I am pretty sure I am driving my husband nuts! There is a ton of sciencey stuff in it, but they also explain things so they make sense! I have also been looking through the Autoimmune cookbook and am anxious to try out some recipes.  I did follow her roast idea last night for dinner. I oversalted a bit, but it was good, and so simple!  For dinner, we had pulled venison roast with raw cauliflower,  raw broccoli,  raw cucumbers and avocado "ranch". 
I kinda sorta followed the recipe,  not really...but it gave me a good idea and we just adjusted based on taste...

Friday, while the girls had gymnastics,  I stopped at the coop and bought 2 bottles of kombucha. I had planned to make my own, but haven't found a plain version!  The kids loved the drinks, and cannot wait for us to make it. I really do not want to pay $20+ for the scoby when I have no clue what I'm doing!

I also ordered these bad boys! Hopefully,  they are decent quality and I don't f it up! The jerks dropped the price $2 the day after I ordered! I am hoping that with including fermented foods, such as sauerkraut  and the kombucha and water keifer...I can heal!

Now, some people might wonder what in the hell I am trying to heal!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I wanna do this!

As if my do to list isn't long enough! I want to try my hand eventually at apple cider as well as making healthy "soda" by carbonating tea! I think I posted this before, but I am getting ready to send the iPad back to BVA and saw my "reading list" had a few items on it...items I don't want to forget about!

Wild yeast cider

More wild yeast cider

DIY healthy soda!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

coconut+cod? and maple syrup supplies

I am still waiting for my new cookbook to arrive, but I found a recipe from the book on pinterest. It makes me feel a little stupid, having bought a cookbook in the day and age of pinterest...but I am hoping that having the physical book will help!
Here is the recipe, it makes one hell of a mess in the pan that is for sure! I prefer my fish to either be baked or fried and crispy, so far I am trying to fry them in a pan and I am unsuccessful in achieving a crispness.
I will end up fixing some for nathan when he gets home, and will fix it how he wants (probably with an egg). I have not changed over all of my eating patterns just yet, but decided it would be nice to try a couple of recipes before diving in headfirst. I need to do a little bit more research, which is why I bought the books in the first place. Hopefully when they come I will be able to figure out what I am doing right and what I need to change.

the second batch of fish that I fried got to sit in the coconuts mixture a little bit longer and coconut swells majorly. It seems to be frying up a little bit better than the first batch did but I'm also leaving it alone a little bit more.

Verdict on the recipe: waste of ingredients and not worth your time, energy, or money! I sure hope the  rest of the recipes are better!!

Syrup talk...
I was supposed to be home today at 2 o'clock to meet someone that was delivering a water tank for us I was a little bit late. When I got home there were two men standing in my driveway with a 300 gallon water tank. I sure hope this helps with our storage issue with the sap.

Below is what it looks like when we boil down sap to syrup.

 We have had so much wind, we had to improvise! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Food is the problem, food is the cure

We have been paleo for awhile now. We have had a few "cheats" and I feel that I have paid for those mistakes more than anyone! The donuts I made with a gf blend of flours had me feeling exhausted and grumpy, we already talked about how I handled the sugar! I think something is still "off" with my family as a whole though. There is still a lot of grassiness and digestive issues. I think we need to look more into leaky gut.

There is so much information out there for the taking...but my head is going to explode!

I found myself on amazon today, after looking at a few blogs that address gut health and healing with food. I ended up ordering The Paleo Approach as well as The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

(Please note, these are non affiliate links...I ordered them because of what I have read about them, I will give my honest take on them when I have had time to read them myself. I gain nothing by you clicking on the above links. All of my affiliate links are on the sidebar, as well as advertisement placed on this page) 

I also called a naturopath doctor and scheduled an apt for Monday! I feel like I have a general idea of what is going on with myself and my kids...I am however, very confused by who and what to trust when it comes to supplementing and probiotics. My goal is to use food, herbs and oils for my medicine. My goal is to prevent illness and heal my body from the inside out. My goal is to eat whole real foods, and not have negative effects! Being allergic to eggs sucks! I have to do something!

The autoimmune protocol has you eating paleo, whole foods, but it cuts out nuts, seeds, and night shades. Foods that are harder to digest such as eggs are also taken out. The goal is to remove food that causes pain/inflammation/ bad reaction, and to heal with probiotics and fermented foods. I know it is time I learned about water keifer and all that other stuff, I'm just not sure how much more my brain scan handle.