Wednesday, April 2, 2014

coconut+cod? and maple syrup supplies

I am still waiting for my new cookbook to arrive, but I found a recipe from the book on pinterest. It makes me feel a little stupid, having bought a cookbook in the day and age of pinterest...but I am hoping that having the physical book will help!
Here is the recipe, it makes one hell of a mess in the pan that is for sure! I prefer my fish to either be baked or fried and crispy, so far I am trying to fry them in a pan and I am unsuccessful in achieving a crispness.
I will end up fixing some for nathan when he gets home, and will fix it how he wants (probably with an egg). I have not changed over all of my eating patterns just yet, but decided it would be nice to try a couple of recipes before diving in headfirst. I need to do a little bit more research, which is why I bought the books in the first place. Hopefully when they come I will be able to figure out what I am doing right and what I need to change.

the second batch of fish that I fried got to sit in the coconuts mixture a little bit longer and coconut swells majorly. It seems to be frying up a little bit better than the first batch did but I'm also leaving it alone a little bit more.

Verdict on the recipe: waste of ingredients and not worth your time, energy, or money! I sure hope the  rest of the recipes are better!!

Syrup talk...
I was supposed to be home today at 2 o'clock to meet someone that was delivering a water tank for us I was a little bit late. When I got home there were two men standing in my driveway with a 300 gallon water tank. I sure hope this helps with our storage issue with the sap.

Below is what it looks like when we boil down sap to syrup.

 We have had so much wind, we had to improvise! 

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