Sunday, May 4, 2014

WTH happened to April?

Holy crap!

It is May!

That means I have been torturing my hubby for 12 full years!
             ♥♡♥♡we started "dating" May 31st 2002

That means I have been a mom for 8 years!!!
             ★☆★Zariah will be 8 May 27th!☆★☆

Time is flying!

Flowers are blooming, but it is still not quite warm enough (damn wind!) To enjoy being outside.

Rooster met his maker last week...what a tough bird!  He was such a pretty rooster, and a little too good at his job. He rode the hens raw and chased my kids!

This is what  I had written for my "blog" , I still only have the tablet (saving for a mac...) so it is too hard to post often!

Hey there, hope all is well in cyber-world! I have been absent from my blogs for no one good reason at all. I haven't had any good recipes to share or any awesome information to share either. I have been reading and keeping up with a couple other blog and I am slowly coming to my own conclusions on things.

My family had a pretty good easter holiday. We tried to keep things simple. This year I fixed bacon wrapped chicken breasts, with potato salad (I had to buy organic mayonnaise, I cannot seem to make it and have it taste good.) I also made homemade "baked beans" that are not really baked....I guess you could call them maple beans. This was our first time eating navy beans in quite some time.  I soaked them for 36 hours and then slow cooked. Everyone handled them fine, no tummy aches and no gas!

Our treats were paleo chocolate cupcakes, (and have totally become addicted to the "frosting" I eat avocado pudding several times a week!) ,mints and salted date "caramels". The kids got some play silks that we still need to dye (with kool-aid), and wooden toys in their baskets. We dyed eggs with herbs and veggies, it was a nice holiday! I have not been feeling too great. Totally psychological...lacking human connection and  friendships.  I have felt very alone. I feel for my kids, they are not getting the best "me" because this me is not happy. I am ordering fermented cod liver oil for everyone,  I hope the vitamin d helps balance out my moods a bit. Who knows when we will get nice enough weather to actually enjoy being outside!?!

Since we handled the navy beans so well, I had decided to make a bean chili, everyone got a little gas, but no major gut pain. I am now trying to meal plan with beans again for awhile. I felt great paleo, but my family missed the variety. I do not do well fixing separate meals, so I am hoping that I do not suffer too much by accommodating my family.

one thing that I still do not have the hang of, that really bothers me, is meal planning. I find it quite challenging to plan meals for a week at a time and actually follow through. I know that my parenting style as a mom to my third child is a lot different than how it was with the first two, he is a lot more high needs, and I am a lot more responsive. I have learned to follow my gut, which sometimes has me dropping everything and running to him even when I am supposed to be planning or preparing a meal. My goal would be you to have our meals planned for two weeks and have all of the groceries bought so that everything is ready to go. I am looking for a healthy appropriate me all that I can freeze or pre cook and have ready to go for the week. Crockpot meals work best as I can do them first thing in the morning and forgot about them. The hardest part is most crock pot meals are either very repetitive, or they use a lot of canned goods and are just not something I would feed my family.

I signed up for a box of meat from a responsible source to add a little bit of variety to our meat purchases. The first pick up is the third Wednesday of this month. I had to buy enough groceries to get me through until then. I bought some overpriced organic chicken and even made my own homemade enchilada sauce, hopefully that crockpot meals turns out. right now, I have black beans, pinto beans, navy beans, and red beans soaking for a full 36 hours so that I can cook them and freeze them for future meals this month. I want to make my own chili beans and refried beans to go with our meals.

I have to say, buying autoimmune paleo cookbook was not my best investment. I made quite a few recipes that my family did not enjoy.