Friday, June 27, 2014


First, want to say "sorry" that l am having to post multiple posts today. I still only have my Samsung tablet and it does not seem to enjoy blogging.

Now, two days ago, I placed an order on Amazon. Today, the UPS truck stopped, and 5 minutes Later, the FedEx truck came.

 l ordered Torrin some big boy trainers.

They are adorable...but only the part he will pee on! I had him wear one today, and he wouldnt let me change him, when I took it off, it was holding pee!

this child is not ready for potty training, he faked ready awhile back...and lost interest, i do not feel like pushing it too hard, i want him happy. That said, he hates laying for diaper changes, and undies are a bit more fun! 

I also got some gelatin and a spiral vegetable slicer. We love the slicer so far, only did cucumbers and potatoes.

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