Monday, June 16, 2014

so much!

I actually have so much that I would love to write about. Unfortunately, writing on tablet is still a bit of a challenge. It might be a bit messy, and it might look a little bit funny, but please forgive me.

We go to the library atleast once a week...and I been considering selling my books. My dream house would have floor to ceiling books in a massive library, but im not living in a dream,  in books collect dust, and I do not reread them. I feel like im being a pack rat. This is supposed to be about simplfying,  not hoarding! I need to find a way to keep track of what I have read, then reevaluate the situation.

Awhile back, Nathan started working on my pantry. It is still totally in the works, I still do not have a full size bedroom door. We walk in sideways...We had to put the stops on that project when nice weather finally decided to show up. We still have a lot of taping and mudding to do before I can paint the pantry. On the next rainy crappy day, I hope to have him cut my bedroom door out.

May 25th, we went to the Crane Foundation,  we took my mom and brother...I forgot my camera! Mom decided to take a pic of our backsides...
This was our 2nd trip to the foundation. It was fun...some of the cranes were guarding eggs!

On May 26th, the inlaws were over for a rained HARD! Zariah and I played in the rain, it was magical!

For Zariah's 8th birthday, we ended up going to the MN zoo.  We went up on Tuesday and drove home on Thursday, it was a nice trip. We.Rode.A.CAMEL!! We stayed in a decent hotel with a Trader Joes next door, it was so nice!

 T.J's Had a gf cake that tasted like brownies!

Before the trip, the naturopath had told me to expand my foods. I ended up remaining gluten free and is close to organic as possible for the trip, but ended up eating dairy. Overall, I did not feel too miserable,  but was gassy for sure! I also packed on a few lbs.

I have since tried to discuss my food results with the doctor,  and she says I need to go gfdf and egg free and take my supplements for a full month before we can reevaluate.
I had been dairy free so long, it was easy!  Now, not eating dairy and egg is hard!

On the 31st, my baby brother graduated high school! We spent the day blended (his dad has a family, our mom has a family) it went well!

My allergies have been the worst I have ever had! I managed to tough it Out for awhile, but had to take a prednisone after taking the kids into the woods on the 4 wheeler. Oh! Yea! We got a 4 wheeler!  It is used, but it is so nice to have!

(Will post a pic)

The reason I went into the woods,  even though they had just cut hay...Father's Day!  I wanted to take some pictures of the kids for nathan to take to work!

It is hard to take pictures of three is hard to take pictures when you are sneezing and eyes are running...this man better know how much we love him!

we made 2 8x8 collages for him

Nathan started working on fencing around our pond and chicken area about 2 weeks ago. Who knew that doing barbed wire fence by hand took so long? He got the main strands done, needs to build one big gate one medium gate and one small gate.

we are good at going and bugging him while he works. I wish i could help more...but keeping Torrin alive is more important, and he is into everything. I like seeing my hubs work hard around our property...I like that my kids see it!

This past Friday, we went to Dodgeville and got 2 nigerian dwarfs! (GOATS) they are super  tiny. We cuddled them the whole drive home, we discussed names. I was going for something that sounds good together. Something like 'Casper and Cora' or 'Dexter and Darla' just same letters. We all liked the name Tulip for the girl, but couldn't pick a boys name. I wanted something like 'fawn' for the girl, she looks like a deer! Anyway, we got home, and I lose the male! One second we have him, the next second, he is 1/4 mile away, in the corn field. Now, it was after 10 p.m., I had chased as far as I could, but figured him dead. We have a large population of coyotes in the back field, the little goat would not make it til morning if not found.

Have I mentioned how GREAT my husband is? No, seriously...he did not quit! He took the 4 wheeler and looked for over another 1/2 hour...he did not give up! My kids were crying, I felt horrible, it was MY FAULT this adorable goat was going to die...I took him away from his mama, and now, he would die! Not to mention, Baby Tulip would need a friend!

Well, my amazing hubby drove home, covered in grass, holding the goat! The goat my bawling 8 year old decided was called Max...Max and Tulip.

Max was missing a little hair between his front legs, Nathan had to get close enough to tackle him...see, he runs from people, but was not afraid of the 4 wheeler!

my hubby made our night!

we enjoyed our weekend with the goats, as a family.

they are adorable! The hubby made a temperary, outdoor pen for them, so they didn't have to trip over their chains.
Tulip had never had a bottle...and is still young, so we have learned how to give her is NOT fun!
Max is weaned...thank goodness! They bonded to eachother quickly, you cannot  take one without the other freaking out.

Saturday, while we went to town (made a great deal on lettuce at the market! Saw part of a parade...walked around with the kids...) we made stepping stones at walmart. It is a lot harder than it looks! I made one for my garden, the girls each made one for Nathan for fathers day. I think Nathan had a good fathers day. I grilled a few packages of steak with an onion for brunch, and he worked hard  on fencing. 

I am going try and wrap this up...after I tell you how we start each day on our ever growing farm. NOW, Nathan feeds Tulip before work, lets the hens out and puts the goats outside. On the weekend, we do it as a family. (Coffee in hand) 
then, we head out to our (pathetic) will be better next year, gardening with a toddler is a joke!
With that said, we pick strawberries for breakfast each day now! I am not sure if we will get enough to avoid going to pick somewhere, but it has become part of our routine! my berry patch looks amazing!
It needs some plants thinned and moved over....last year, when i planted them, there  were not so many...and there was more than a goog foot of space on each side...

now, a few pix of my weed  perenial garden. Remember, TODDLDER=no time for garden...and everything you see, was planted or transplanted last spring! This was grass less than 18 months ago!

                                       ^^^^single black holly hocks, cannot wait for blooms!

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