Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tinker Time

Today, Zariah decided to do this project. I showed her the PBS kids website and the "build" section to help her come up with crafting/project ideas. I did not get pictures yet, but she had fun.

The girls are also doing some shrinky dinks jewelry today!!


Well, HELLO!! So much has happened/changed since I actually posted last!

I am pregnant with number 4!! Baby is due July 2nd (meaning first week in June most likely). I am 17wks+ right now and feeling pretty good. I do not have a midwife or physician just yet, and need to find SOMEONE to take my blood within the next 2 weeks to keep my titer count in check.

Torrin is night weaned as of like October/November?? I seem to be pretty dry at the moment...but he hasn't given up yet.

WE MOVED!! We no longer live in Richland County... hubby gave notice at his old job and they told him to LEAVE NOW. Kind of shitty in my book, but he likes his new job so hopefully this was one of those hard times that is for the best! We are now, deeper in the snow. Not too far from the Twin Cities..and still way the hell out there. I can get to a Target in 35 mins...but it is not a super Target.

Right now, my goal is to FIND FRIENDS. I am signing us up for Homeschool groups and hoping for the best.

Our new home is beautiful! We have 2,000 st feet and it is all open! We have an awesome heated garage where Skittles and Cash live. There are also 2 bedrooms out there...one is a "craft" room and the other is the drums/guest room. It is nice having a potty out there too!! Our new house is also very expensive! Many am I worried about paying bills here!

We are looking forward to the snow melting and discovering the woods behind us. We have to go back to our old house for a few things still (swing set and such). The kids are excited for a new beginning and so are we!