Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Easy goulash dinner

When my husband works late, or I know he will not be home that night, it is so hard to stick to the meal plan! Normally, my kids will request smoothies, popcorn, or something equally easy. Tonight, we did not have what we needed for smoothies or pudding, so I opted for an old easy, comfort meal. We had everything in the house, and I knew they would enjoy it!

It may not be the MOST nutritious meal they have ever had, but the three year old ate his beans! This kid always picks beans out of his meals and I watched him shovel them in faster than ever! Everyone had seconds! The tot even had thirds!

My kids have full bellies.
Nobody was mad.
Everyone enjoyed what was in front of them.
It was simple and easy to fix and clean up.
It is also pretty inexpensive to fix.

If I had been planning ahead or feeling more ambitious, I would have tossed in some diced carrots. I normally add frozen corn, but I am out.

Stuck with the basics and it was yummy.

I also added some garlic. It is a pretty forgiving meal, add what you want! All of the above items can be picked up at Aldi too (my tomatoes are from Costco, and my onion is Amazon, but they have organic tomatoes at Aldi, and they carry a lot of herbs/spices and such.)

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