Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I feel the need to RE-introduce myself.

A lot has changed since I posted last. I am not even sure what my last post was about!

I am going to do a re-do on my intro and give an update on what you can expect here on A Crazier Simple Life.

I had planned on logging in this morning, deleting my "blog" and starting over, but then I realized how quickly all of my memories would just be...GONE. That made me sad. My old posts are not a reflection of who I am now, but they helped get me to where I stand today. I will open up a bit more each time I post, probably over share a bit (as expected) and show you glimpses into the life we live now. We no longer have the farm life. I am no longer pregnant. We have had to give up a lot in the organic shopping (damn bank account doesn't understand  my idea of healthy). We are still trying to find our footing. I am discovering who I am as an adult, and my kids are growing up way too quickly. I also am suffering with depression and will probably share a bit on that as well. 

We have lived in our new home for a little over a year now. My husband took a new job about 3-4 hours from our old place , we had no choice but to move. 2015 was the worst year of my life. I will not go into detail on why it was so bad...but it was, it really really was. We love our "home" (that we rent...that we pay way too much to live in and not own) but I am not happy here. I do not see myself growing old here, but I am trying to make the most of it. The one bright thing in 2015 was the birth of our 4th child. IT'S A BOY!! He was a home birth, surprise breech! I rocked the birth in only 2 hours from water breaking! I am quite proud of myself and my body. Zariah has a parakeet, Skittles died... We kept Cash (dog) when we moved but had to give up everyone else. I have a discus fish tank, haven't had the best luck keeping them alive for various reasons, usually involving water exchanges (stuck to hose-oops). We have 3 geckos, they are named Tiny, Dixie, and Lizzie.  I started reviewing items on and I am starting to get some fun things to review. I plan to share my reviews of my favorite items with you, so you can decide if they would make your life more fun.

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I have been baking gluten free for some time now, but this summer our family decided we needed to finally take the plunge and go vegan. We have had a few slip ups along the way, especially around the holiday time. I am on my way to discovering alternatives that we enjoy eating that are both gluten free and vegan. This means I am cooking and baking without eggs milk and any kind of animal product as well as without gluten. 

(this images are not my property, I found them on the internet and do not take credit for it)

My biggest hangup in my adventure is the fact that we live about an hour away from a Costco. I now have four children, I don't know about you, but grocery shopping with 4 children is a lot of work. Who wants to get five or six people ready to go grocery shopping in the middle of winter in Wisconsin? I know I sure don't. Not to mention, the van is full of people, where do I put the damn food?

I would love to take things a step further and make things extra healthy. My goal is to help in making my family happy and be as healthy as I can along the way. We like treats, we are not ready to give up our sugar and chocolate chips, but this is so much better than how we were eating 5 years ago.

We went vegan because of health issues. We ALL react to dairy and eggs! Some of my family members react to most meats too! We tried all if the gut healing protocols with no luck. We finally gave in because we were sick of wanting food we couldn't have!

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With switching to vegan, we quickly saw why many go vegan. I swore I'd never be "that vegan" who was open about disgust for meat, animal products and more... but it is slowly happening. I am disgusted by the dairy and meat industry, and I hope more people's eyes are opened to our impact on the planet and these souls we harm daily .

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According to the veteran vegans, my family is "plant based" because we have a fish tank, and have not cut out all animal activity. I really don't care about labels, I am Tamika...mother of 4...doing the best I can to feed my family without breaking the bank. I go back and forth between "crunchy" and "conventional". I am probably in the middle of that spectrum (but again LABELS-TO hell with them!!) 

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I am a co-sleeping* mama who would LOVE for her 3 yr old to stay out of the bed, but would never turn him away. 

I am the baby wearing mama who wishes her 4th born (who is about 7months) would just be content on the floor because her back hurts. 

I am the homeschooling mama who wishes her 8 and 9 yr old cared about more than Minecraft. 

(this images are not my property, I found them on the internet and do not take credit for it)

There is so much more to ME and my family that I am sure I will share along the way. Something I want to work on is how random my posts will be. To be honest, I am a random thoughts person. I am ALL over the place in conversation. I quickly become bored and move on, or my head is just so darn full of stuff I have to get it out before I forget.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

Please do not ask for nutritional information on recipes I share, I don't have it..I won't find it. Just enjoy your food! 

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