Thursday, January 21, 2016

Yummy lunch- Chick-n Salad Sandwhiches!

Today was supposed to be a heat wave here in Wisconsin ( I am joking). To be fair, it is well above 0 finally! Once I got out onto the road, I wanted to turn right back around. I am usually really bad about getting out of the house before noon, but for some reason today, I was out the door by 10 a.m.! It started snowing, the roads near my house were not salted, so they were slick. I was super upset once we got on the road. I thought it would be a miserable trip, but I am very happy I didn't go back home; because I found some great vegan finds today!!!

I made a quick stop to our local food co-op, and I really need to get back there sometime (alone...without kids) because they have really grown their Vegan Section. They now carry Just Mayo! I was so excited to find this in a store. We do not eat stuff that requires "Mayo" often, but it is nice to have it once in awhile!

Check out the difference in Just Mayo and a big brand named Mayonnaise below.

 This is what normal Mayonnaise has in it...
(this is not my picture, I take no credit for it, I found it online)

Below is a picture of Just Mayo 

(this is not my picture, I take no credit for it, I found it online)

Check out the picture below for more information on Just Mayo. It is not PERFECT by any means, but seriously, I can eat some mayo once in awhile and not feel too darn bad about it. 

(this is not my picture, I take no credit for it, I found it online)

After getting what I needed at the Co-Op we went to the dreaded Wal-Mart. Now, I hate shopping and supporting Wal-Mart, I really truly do. The ONLY reason we end up in this damn store is because it is SO hard to go grocery shopping with four kids, all alone. I would have had to stop at 3+ stores to get what I needed today, and that is just 1 or 2 too many right now. Our Wal-Mart is really stepping up their game! They had Silk brand yogurt my kids were eyeing up, but at $1.30 each, I really cannot swing it unless it is a "special" day. We skipped the yogurt today and headed for the gluten free section. They had a bread we have never tried before. 

This bread is gluten free, egg free, dairy free....IT IS GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN!! I have looked and looked for a vegan gluten free bread with NO LUCK. How did I not know about this stuff? It is expensive. It runs at almost $1/serving, but as a once in awhile thing, I am very happy with it! The taste was yummy and everyone was so happy to have a sandwhich again!

Our local Wal-Mart also had smart dogs and other awesome vegan/gluten free goodies, but we did not buy those today. We had to make sure to buy some yummy produce.

We got home and made sandwhiches!! They were very good and we will be making them again some time. 

Garbanzo beans/Chickpeas as your "meat" 

 My sandwhiches included the following:

  • Dijon mustard
  • just mayo
  • green onions
  • pepper
  • garlic salt
  • hemp seeds 
  • garbanzo beans
Pulse the (rinsed in hot water) garbanzo beans in the food processor, or mash with fork.
Add your "mayo".
Add spices you want, I used garlic salt, and black pepper.
I added in some Dijon Mustard, cut green onions, and hulled hemp seeds too.

This was such a yummy lunch! The kids enjoyed it along with some kiwi fruit!

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