Friday, April 15, 2016

I'm a dreamer

I am a dreamer.

I have this crazy , crazy idea that will just not leave my head. This idea would seem so crazy to any normal person, but I think I am seeing my vision taking up residence in my husband's head as well! 

Every now and then, I think I can even see my kids taking on my crazy idea too.

I want to leave it all. I want to sell all of our "stuff" and leave. I want to be free. The only thing stopping me from listing every last thing I own and leaving is finances. How do you support a family of 6+ on the road? We don't want or need much, but food and staying healthy are important. We are willing to take a pay cut to leave. What we make now, leaves us living paycheck to paycheck and we never have money or time to do stuff as a family. I hate that we are surrounded by so much meaningless "stuff". I am sick of hearing " there is too much to do" and "we are too busy". When did family become what you took care of after all the other stuff was done. When did family take the back burner to life? When did we all stop living? I want to be able to drop everything, and enjoy my family. I want less responsibility in the form of fancy big houses with perfect lawns. I want nothing more than I want to see every sight with my children beside me. 

My dream is to sell everything, and move my family into an RV. 

We want to travel up to 200 miles in a day, but not so far that we do not enjoy what is around us. 

I want to visit every awesome park, every beach, every children's museum and science museum. I want to go on an adventure.
This dream feels like it should be so easy, but I'm not quite reckless enough to risk being homeless and starving. 

I have to figure this out. 

Today, I let myself see how our days would look, only closer to home. We are experiencing a beautiful Wisconsin day today.  I took the  kids to the library to read and check out some books and games.
We then went to the park, where Torrin threw some major fits, which led us to walk down by the beach area. We were not in a hurry to get anywhere, or do anything. The only thing that was missing was my husband and dog. The kids played in the sand and dip their toes in the water, it was perfect.
I could picture us staying there all day, having a picnic in the grass or using one of the grills to grill some smart dogs. I could picture my kids walking along the trails or riding bike and exploring. I could see myself smiling at strangers with children and making small talk. I could see us all enjoying each others company until the sunset. 

I honestly think that this park would probably be one of our first stops on our adventure. It is so beautiful and worth taking the time to enjoy, even though it is close to our physical home now.

I forgot to mention: When we were at the library, I went to the "used/for sale" books and found a book that speaks volumes to me right now!! I bought it!
The book is a travel book for the USA. (Feel free to click link, it doesn't hurt or help me in anyway, just figured sharing it would be nice if you wanted to read along!!)

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