Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vegan dinner, the easy kind

Yesterday, I found a mason jar with seasoned apples in it in my freezer. I took the apples out and hoped they would still be good.  ** it has been longer than I know since I stuck apples in the freezer...**

Today, the youngest Prince( Talon ) has been so grumpy, I was worried my apples would not get made into anything. I took 5 minutes to throw together a quick crisp and froze some bananas in the process.

Dinner tonight is Nice Cream with apple crisp, veggies and hummus!
Yummy. Nutritious. Easy!!

My crisp is a mixture of oats and walnuts with a small (not so healthy) addition of brown sugar. The apples were already sweetened with sugar and spiced to perfection. I tossed the apples into the processor to get them chopped up more, as they still had the peels on. Then, separately I processed the oat mixture.
Half the oat mixture in pan, all apples, other half of oats.

After my kids eat some veggies with hummus, (and quite possibly something else as my 3 yr old sort of runs the show when it comes to what he will eat. Don't judge, it's always *mostly* healthy! I will blend the frozen bananas with a small amount of soy milk to make a "nice cream" and serve it with our crisp!!

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