Monday, October 17, 2016

How I make yogurt

I have not been very good at this whole blogger thing. I have been sharing pictures and progress with our bus on my bus Facebook page, as well as food pictures on my personal page.

This weekend, I had a very productive weekend. I made some homemade minestrone soup in the instant pot and I also made another fresh homemade apple pie. We cut up a ton of fruit and made a huge healthy fruit salad for us to snack on this week. And in the midst of being overly productive, I totally forgot to make granola and yogurt for the week. This morning I got the granola made and my house smells amazing. Now I have my yogurt going and it should be ready to go in the refrigerator tonight before bed.
Making homemade soy milk yogurt is one of the easiest things for me to do. I dumped in one container of store-bought, silk yogurt with a gallon of shelf-stable soy milk. I put this all in the instant pot and hit the yogurt button. 12 hours later my yogurt is ready to go into the refrigerator. After it sits either overnight or in the fridge for a few hours, I scooped out a couple cups of yogurt and combine it with frozen fruit in the blender. Normally, I end up with about a gallon and a half of homemade yogurt. I add a little bit of stevia to the fruit in the blender as well. It is so simple and takes next to no time at all.