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Some things I have reviewed online for free/cheap and want to show you.

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Also, all pictures are STOCK pictures from amazon. I do not take credit for the pictures at all, they are NOT mine.

I review other items that I do like but don't LOVE and I am not going to waste your time sharing those items.


Bath Bombs
Love these!!

Speed Jump Rope
I am new to the speed jump rope game, but I am enjoying it! I like this particular jump rope because of the color choices and how light weight it is!


Fashion Heart Pendant
I am not big on "fancy" or "pretty" jewelry. I am more of a stones (rocks) kind of girl. I saw this and just thought it was pretty, so I had to order it. I feel that the list price of $29.99 is a fair price for this piece but I do feel that their price of $169.99 is a bit inflated. I think the most someone would pay for this say, in the mall would be $40, knowing it isn't "real". I do think that if it was in a display case at a fancy jewelry store, you would have a difficult time telling that it is a fake. It is very pretty and will be enjoyed as a gift.


Shower head
I got this because it looks super cool. Nathan wants to put it in our bathroom, even though we just got a fancy rainfall one (a review item). It is super fun to watch. I am not really sure if it helps much with "filtering" the water or softening it just yet, I haven't showered with it myself. This is in the kids bathroom, I have washed Torrin's hair with it and the flow is good. I would buy this just because of the exposed pebble looking things honestly. It is plastic, but looks nice.


Non-vegan as I believe it has bees wax on it if I remember correctly. This is Talon's favorite teether and he has a ton. I wish I had had this for him for Christmas, I wouldn't have given him anything else. This child has a ton of toys, and he grabs for this one every.single.time!

Elegant Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
I actually gifted this to my father-in-law because it looks so nice. I am hoping it helps him with his arthritis pains. It has a price point of around $40 and is worth more in my opinion. I would pay full price for this bracelet just because how how it looks, even without the magnets!

Copper Mug
We have been lucky enough to review (at a discount) MANY copper mugs! We are seriously in love with Copper Mugs! I love the look of this one, I cannot remember who in the house claimed it though. For some reason, I think it was supposed to be for Nathan but one of the kids keeps taking it!

Organic Hand Cream-MUST BUY
This is by far the BEST hand cream we have ever tried. My husband uses it daily. I wish it came in a bigger tub and with a lesser scent. The scent is actually very pleasant, but MY HUSBAND WEARS IT. (haha) He doesn't mind the smell because of how nice it feels on his hands. I think they should make it in a mens version! It runs about $15-20 so it is a bit expensive if you are used to buying cheap (crap) lotion, but it is worth it!!


Salt and Oil Body Scrub
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of this stuff. It is Patchouli, Lavender, and Vanilla and it smells AMAZING. I love how the salt feels removing the dead skin and then the oil leaves me feeling smooth. I really like this stuff!!


Another Copper Mug
I am sharing this one, because it is the one that is all MINE. I love the shape of this mug.


Rainfall showerhead
If you are not rolling in cash, looking to spend a fortune on a fancy shower head, this one is great. I personally really like it. It is only like $20-30 and it has a filter on it which is supposed to help with hard water minerals (prove it-seriously, my shower is still a bitch to clean). I don't know or care if the filter part does a thing, the size of this shower head is enough to make me happy!


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