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I may not know a lot...
Hell, I may not know much of anything...
I do however, know what I believe in and what I know to be right in my heart.

I believe a baby should be left intact, no circumcision! I do not need anyone's opinion in this matter. I have had a few people tell me it was "gross" or that it was "dirty" to leave my son intact. I will tell you this, I love him enough JUST THE WAY HE IS! I love him enough that I do not want to hack him to pieces!  I will not discuss my religious beliefs, but I will say, the ONLY people who have talked to me about MY SONS penis-claimed to be Christians...did God mess up when he gave a boy skin on his penis?

I believe a mother should breastfeed for more reasons than I can list-I will not argue this point with those that choose not to, I simply expect to be respected for doing what is the natural thing with my baby-even if you feel I should have stopped the second he turned 1 year old.

 I KNOW breastfeeding my child past his first birthday is RIGHT. I more than believe this, as I know he does not eat near enough FOOD to make up for the nutrients I supply him. I make liquid gold, this stuff is amazing, why stop just because he is 1?

I believe a child belongs with his/her mother.
I believe a mother is a child's first teacher, and most important one.
I believe a father should be a child's second teacher and play an equally important role.

I believe there is not enough support for moms. Being a mother is HARD work, the hardest job of all. So many moms (myself included at one point in my life) are eager to pass this work off on others instead of raising their own kids. I feel a lot of this comes from lack of community/support. Women need to help each other.

I believe in supporting non-gmo companies. Call me crazy, but I do not want to feed my children poison! I spent way too much time being IGNORANT! Ignorance is bliss, I will give you that, but once you know the truth-you cannot continue to feed your family that crap and not call it abuse! I believe in eating organic, I do not feel it is a fad or a waste of money, my children being healthy is worth every cent I have! You know I am gluten and dairy free, that does not mean I want to feed my children shit food, they deserve the best-if you don't agree, you don't love them like you say you do.

I also believe I can get the nutrients I need for myself and my children-including the one I am breastfeeding without the use of vitamins, drops and other "stuff". My kids do not need to eat bread, drink cows  milk, or any other of your ideas on what is healthy to thrive!
I believe I would rather STINK or look dirty than subject myself or my family to all the toxic crap in "normal" things like shampoo, lotion and all that nonsense.

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